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Internet money search with file uploads, downloads

Internet money search with file uploads, downloads

Making Money with File Uploads – LOW GOVERNMENT :

Upload a file (image, movie, music, program, etc.) to any of the following storage sites, including small (up to 2 kilobytes) or large (up to 10 gigabytes) files, and then share the links you have with them More people download for free what you’ve uploaded, as long as they pay $ 10 for the service providers, so in return for you. You advertise them, you will send visitors to their website, and they and their advertising revenue (eg PPV advertising companies, CPA advertisements ) are able to carry a lot of hard real money. So you only need to download one single piece of file once or twice a week, which can be downloaded for free at a single location, free of charge, and you can pay up to HUF 14 for files downloaded from Hungary and up to 0.1 USD per file download for foreign files Or more! Of course, your profit depends on the size of your uploaded file and depends on the country to which you spend. Some service providers have a little different payment plan, but they are quite similar in general. Unfortunately, Hungary is always paid less and less, but by the end of March 2016 I found a couple of new home-paid software companies, so if you have a GOOD METHOD (see below), you can even live in Hungarian because it’s a passive income Once you build it, you do it well, then it will bring you money for months or even many years, so you do not have to work hard or cash for cash.

The companies that pay for downloading and downloading the files, and the storage sites, are transferring money to the internet wallet !


Uploading money files
There are millions of free, non-copyrighted, and free-of-charge content on the net even if you are not the producer of any Internet product (eg music, pictures, programs, etc.). If you have a hobby you should be able to create something on the internet, of course, but the point is to find a lot of things you are looking for, and in the hobby you are certain that you would like the many people. So you’ll be looking for one of them and uploading one of the free online storage sites listed below, then sharing the link (which anyone can download the file for free) to the people you care about (only the target audience is worth it, And you will only receive money if the download has been successfully completed!). To do this, a little help:
9 ways to get free visitors , and get some ideas from my other menu options! 😉
– You can upload a demo (music, preview, any attention) to YouTube, and link to a full version, if you have a. Every 20th, it’s a totally passive income, because the genius just grows up there too!
You can also link to forums , many of them live there as they get up to several thousand downloaders 1 filer or MORE THAN TIZZERF FORINT 6 FILE / kb. 15 minutes work !! On foreign sites, if you do well, you can make up to 10x of your income (as more people visit and pay more for storage for foreign downloads too! You can upload an infinite number of files and upload up to 2 gigs in today’s internet speeds in minutes. Pound law, because there are infinite many useful and interesting free files!) So you just have to find this money searching method and you can earn 600x more than a good traditional workplace.
+ Facebook on , twitter , instagram, pinteres, the possibilities are endless .. eg. I have uploaded a good cocktail picture that has since then been shared with others by foreigners, and it is enough to attach it, for example. A free pdf compilation of some famous cocktail recipe that has been passive income way to bring money every month for a one-time kb. For 10 minutes of work ..! 😉
+ My Website + Email Address List: It’s best if you do not want to take some hours to automate everything. For example, one of your friends is looking for more than 10ets a month just because once a week, a free web site creator has put together a website with the favorite plugins and patches of his favorite game that he has linked to, and these files get money for each download. So, in his favorite hobby, he dealt with his favorite things about. 1 hour (= shared your favorite stuff) and earns that much money from month to month on a regular basis, without further work, for which many people regularly spend more days on a monthly basis .. Interestingly .. Of course, I know that many people think that making money is so impossible with their own hobbies Continue to look for the best earning method … xDDD
But many people are earning a lot of money and are doing their best in online file uploads , especially for more advanced countries, more paying markets, and bigger audiences! And if you know English and eg. You are expanding to a 50x English language market ….;)
Online file uploading



File upload for real money Of course, I did not know how to upload and upload fileserver in person, so it’s possible that there are some of the storage sites that are paying for the file upload, where I wrote that it is no longer a payload for uploading files, It looks like an admin window that pays (many hide). And it may well be that some hosting will be worth it, so it is worth trying more storage (so basically the rich people think they are always on the ground !!), but of course I have chosen the companies out there because of my best knowledge So if you are not a beginner, you can infer from a lot of signs of a company’s reliability and stable solvency (eg customer service speed, helpfulness, admin interface, etc.). This is a very similar method to pay for online movie watching and movie uploads , which are included in this special menu item and are not paid for file uploads but online movie reviews. Here, here is the list of free storage sites for file uploads:

Money searching with movie upload

List of web sites to pay for uploading a file:
List of pages that make real money for uploading files
You get $ 1 for free for your registration as a gift!
It is a unique, but very simple system that pays, that is, the number of files that are not downloaded, after the number of downloaded gigabytes (= 1000 megabytes of data) (for any number of files): You pay 0.2 USDfor downloaded gigaballs per foreigner 0.2 Usd / downloaded gigabytes, so England and abroad do not question which one, because this is the most-paid online storage space for uploading files in 2016 , Pays / downloads an average of 1.4 gigs (non-copyrighted, for example, docs) for download in the home, and pays $ 10.5 for the downloads, and pays a lot for downloads from many countries, not just 1-2 for similar sites !!! !
Payout minimum: $ 10 : WebMoney online wallet on Tuesdays! (You can outsource this to a regular bank account with a transfer fee of approximately $ 5 or if you do not want to receive such commission, you can buy it online at many places, for example, you can order thousands of dollars from the largest in Asia with free shipping at half price + Earn money with this online sale!) Without any bonuses, as I’ve already paid for it at WebMoney!)
Of course, they are not stupid, and the possibility of all kinds of fraud is excluded by precision automatic systems (for example, if you spend with your friends 0-24, your movies will only be 1 download per machine and max 10 for each IP network per day + Never whenever others are downloading etc …!), So do not cheat because your account can be deleted! You can upload up to 2GB files.
List of paying companies for file uploads
Ittho downloads $ 0.55 to 1.1 , and for foreigners up to $ 2.8 / download depending on file size!
Here is the lowest payout minimum: $ 2 : Paypal, WebMoney, Payza for wallets within 3 days!
There are many places where you delete your account if you upload copyrighted files (which I do not recommend), but here it says that max. Uploaded files will be deleted if they receive a notification of their breach, but you will not even lose your money. Its platform is very simple and transparent compared to others. You can upload up to 1 GB of files.
List of companies paying for file upload
File upload real money money making
Itthoni downloads 0.01 to 0.1 USD for files, and for foreigners up to 0.1 USD / download depending on file size!
This is a very low page with a minimum payout: $ 5 : for Webmoney, $ 20 Paypal for wallets on Sundays!
You pay 1 mega for files. You can upload files larger than 2 gigs. If you get a violation, you’ll also be writing here that only the files are deleted and not your entire account as in many places. + A detailed, modern, mobile-optimized web site with many useful features like. Wallet security lock (if you turn it on, if your password is stolen, you can not change your payment information unless you confirm the change in email, so you can not steal your money unless you steal your email account password.) Up to 2 gig files You can upload it.
File uploading money online
+ Your partner program is at, where you get $ 0.1USD for free for your registration! Home downloads $ 0.82 to 4.1 , for foreigners 0.01 – 0.1 USD/ download depending on file size!
Payout from $ 10- $ 40 : Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paxum Internet Purses 2x per week ($ 10 if you are active, which means that you spent 10 or so times in the last 30 days, all of which have been spent at least 10 Down, otherwise $ 40 is the minimum payment!) IMPORTANT: When registering for Halieo, choose the “WORLD” tariff program because it only pays for home downloads! If you have chosen otherwise, you can request a conversion at your customer service . In the FAQ section, you can link your Halieo account to your depositfiles account (if you do not have to sign up with your username and password), to get money to download the files uploaded to depositfiles! You can upload up to 10 gig (!) Files.


Money searching file upload
It was the largest paid web site in Usa for uploading files, but since then, the tariff program has been broken up to 4 completely different parts, which is even confusing to me, but maybe the “percent” tariff is the one that in principle only pays for the download of files even if They do not buy download download accelerators (because in most programs the more money you get for downloading files, the more buyers buy the downloads from them, the faster the download is, and if no one buys you can get no money, You have 500,000 of your uploaded files per day .. 🙁 1x already paid for me but since the tariff packages have changed, there is no money for something so I have tried other companies since then .. 🙁 WebMoney pays $ 10 from the internet wallet , which you can outsource to or from your bank. $ 5 or if you do not want to receive such a commissioning fee, you can buy it for free on the internet in many places, for example. You can also order online from Asia on the largest surface of Asia at half price without any bonuses, as I have already paid for it on WebMoney!


– Turbobit + +
With money searching
+ 2-level affiliate programs at 1 place:
Itthoni downloads 0.01- 0.1 USD for files, and for foreigners up to 0.2USD / download depending on file size!
Payout minimum $ 10 : PayPal, Payza, Yandex Money, Qiwi, WebMoney online wallets per week!

Uploading money online

A list of pages that pay for less than the above or is not recommended for uploading files for other reasons:


– SkyMiga (basically you do not pay so badly)

– AnaFile (it costs much less)

– (there is someone who pays, who has not, as I read in forums, and the files are quite dense in comparison with average)

– (paying very little)

– (pays very little, but in principle is a parallel download, without waiting time)

List of payloads only for sales (ie no more downloads for downloads):

In fact, you only pay if you want to download your files to buy a premium membership for real money so that not only the slow (free) but fast (paid) way of downloading the files from that storage. These are not often bought at home, so I recommend a paid online storage list with the most detailed data!

I do not pay but in 2016 it still worked as a free file uploader as a storage space: The megaupload successor is, in principle, and does not delete even for inactivity and fast (duplicate download)

“GATEWAY” upload and download sites

AVERAGE 1 $ / download !! That is, pages where your uploaded file is downloaded, because it is locked with a questionnaire or a pay-per-view order, so before you either have to download one of these or get some of the bids for you to download your file. There are no free questionnaires in USA, only paid deals, so they can work in English and foreign markets in a profitable manner, but only if they really want to spend it because they do not get a very valuable item from anywhere else, 15 minutes free questionnaire filling would also be needed to download your uploads ..!

– AdWorkMedia also has a number of similar PPD + content blocking downloads available only with the much more profitable wider palette and tools + you will find many of your payment statements in the left-hand “payment documents” menu item if you are serious about this, Foreign market (because it is not recommended for home, it is not profitable at home!) I recommend this company the most! 😉




+ TIPS: If you want to make money online with uploads or downloads:

What are you looking for in the above companies for file uploads, file downloads ?:
Money searching file upload
– In the forums, look at payment certificates, reliability, for example. here
– Which storage space does the files last for after the last download? This average is usually 30 to 90 days, so in most places it is enough for 1-3 months, when 1 person downloads the uploaded file and you do not have to be afraid of being deleted.
– Do you want / can you combine your links with paid shortcuts to get you even better?
– What is the Average download speed for free mode?
– What is the Max uploadable file size for the server? To be between 1-6 giga.
– How, when and how is payment made?
– How much is the minimum payment amount?
– How many downloads do you receive per day from the same IP? Usually only 1.
– How much money do you get after premium sales? Abroad, they tend to buy premium memberships for the most popular repositories than at home.
– How much money do you get after telling others, that is, after affiliates? 5-10% used to be.
– Is there a minimum file size to pay the file? It’s 1-50 mega.