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Internet money search with PTC sites, offers

Internet money search with PTC sites, offers


PTC = P ay T o C lick = Pay For Clicks = You pay for ads by clicking on PTC sites and you look at them for a few seconds. For such PTC advertising, you pay an average of 0.1-6 dollars, and you can watch a lot of ads, and even you can build a good team. You get 0.01-2 dollars after your team’s promotions, plus + more and more pay-per-click PTC offerings for these companies!

Internet money search ptc sites

Benefits of PTC Sites, Offers:

– On normal PTC sites, you never have to pay anything, everything is free and you can buy the money!
– The length of an advertisement is 3 to 30 seconds, and the longer you pay more, so you can even find useful things
– PTC sites will transfer your payment to so-called internet wallets .
– Actually, you just pay for PTC sites because you click on an advertisement, so you do not have to look anymore, while you can do something else on most other windows in your internet browser
– You can see RENGETEG advertising on a good PTC site every day, but you usually have to wait 24 hours before you can click them again, so you should click them every day. Of course, new links may be added over time.
– With every PTC site, you can call friends who also make money with advertising for you , just as much as you own, so the more people you have, the more you can search.
– On many PTC sites you can “buy members”, in exchange for some money you will get people in your organization who, from anywhere in the world, regardless of you, are completely self-employed. If you are lucky you will get active members who earn a lot of money for you;)
– PTC is not a hard job, it is, it is terribly easy, you do not have to have any prerequisites (qualifications, etc.) you do not have to be smart or think big business or even think, even those who are illiterate can earn money with them = )

Reliable PTC sites list

List of PTC sites that can be Trusted, Totally PAYABLE:

PTC sites:
Pay Minimum:
How much does it pay for your clicks?
How many clicks can be paid per click per person per day?
How much does it pay for your team’s clicks?
How do you pay?
Other important:
There are new generation social sites that pay real money for watching ads, for example. You can also install 8 MLM levels and WowApp with screen lock ads that can even be installed on smart phones. My payouts and detailed information can be found in my article on my smartphone on this particular smartphone because I have 8 ways to pay, Games, video viewing, screen resolution, questionnaires, mobile apps (also for free)! 😉
Really paying reliable ptc sites
$ 10
0.01 Usd
About 12 HUF per day + $ 1 questionnaire per day, + read this under the other menu option to earn multiple funds with the best-in-class plugins for companies that already have questionnaires !! 😉
1 level to depth 0.05 – 2 HUF + 8 levels to depth 1-2 $ real money bonuses HA bonuses! I’ve been premium for several years now, because it’s about a year. 5x so much money coming from this company !!
The oldest, most trusted PTC site has been paying since 2007 on: Skrill , Payoneer, PayToo, Payza, Tango Card online wallets . (Before Paying for 2017)
You also get the money after your team if you did not click that day! If you use a lot or build a team then you definitely need to upgrade your account for $ 17 a year (a fraction of it’s premium membership for other PTC sites!). You will get 2x the amount of money you have for each of your teams + multiple personal questionnaires, multiple PTC deals, + $ 8 to $ 1-2 real money bonuses!
Cashle points 2 shop is actually paying for PTC
Cashle = Points 2 Shop
You can search 8 ways!
1 $
Changing because knots pay for everything, PTC, watching videos, games, questionnaires, and other free promotions ..
There are many good reasons to earn money with a lot of free deals. S You also get the money after the reffs if you did not click that day!
3 MLM levels up to 15% – 3% – 2% + Paying for $ 0.01-1 for all invited people!
Paypal online wallet + Virtual VISA
You also get the money after the reffs if you did not click that day!
It’s the most effective way to bid foreign big internet money finders, because there are far more opportunities abroad, and you can put a lot of people in MLM. =
Questionnaire companies You get 500 points for free if you use my recommendation code for registration: 1Z1SIQIOnline money making with paypal payment certificates RELIABLE, PAYABLE ONLINE MONEY REQUESTED, QUESTIONNAIRE COMPANIES ONE!

Questionnaire companies For example, filling in questionnaires, installing mobile apps, watching ads, youtube video or forum / image posting, sharing, and many other free bids.

Questionnaire companies Every day, the notifications menu item comes with 1 click-to-point coupons for free, so you can only get the minimum payout, but it’s important that these can only be limited by a limited number of people, but according to my experience, only 2-3 days You can click on them all the way, you will still fit into the frame and get the points for each. You are not paying for this money for nothing, just because you are visiting the site and you may be more likely to enjoy other paid free offers because it would only be a few months to reach the minimum payout.

Questionnaire companies Plus, almost every day, there is always a questionnaire that can be filled out just over 3 points (and google searchable) questions that are more than 2x points , and they should always be filled out in 2-3 days The quota and you will not get points for it!

Questionnaire companies Pretty professional and safe: eg. A sms code confirmation must be paid.

Questionnaire companies It is also optimized for modern mobile, so it’s easy to make money with your smartphone too!

3000 points = $ 3 Paypal
12 900 points = 0.01 BitCoin

Questionnaire companies You get 500 points for free if you use my recommendation code for registration: 1Z1SIQI

You do not miss out on this free interenet questionnaire work .

… In exchange for your opinion, find real money with online questionnaire filling !

Pay Minimum:
How do you pay for online questionnaires?
wherever Internet questionnaire work The Planet! 🙂
$ 3
Within 2 business days: . . Skrill , Facebook advertising credit,, Steam + and many other (mostly player) companies


Free visitors + PTC is also :
The Most Popular Traffic Exchange
5-Level Recommendations for MLM for Visitor Credits
+ 0.3 $ / 1000 pages viewed, and you can see every page per day! + Your direct team gets $ 0.1 after your 100 page views.
+ You also get as many free visitors as you look at the page! (There are a lot of Engliss in the system, and they can only be targeted!) To advertise, however, such a landing paget is only worth emailing. EZ , the rest is ineffective, because everybody is only spending 20 seconds on your site.
+ If you combine this or other visitor exchange pages with shortcuts, for example, You will never run out of “clickable ads” !! And you can pay more than the average PTCs if you change to foreign visitors ..! ;))

Rewarding Ways

Points 2 Shop is similar to this company and the next, that is, countless things to make money with them, lots of free action, for example. Watching commercials, signing up for online games and other stuff, questionnaires, etc.

+ Squishy Cash

You get $ 5 for free to join for free . It’s completely free. There are many free actions like gaming with money-making, questionnaire filling, testing stuff, watching ads (= PTC, 1 dozen advertisements at the SC clicks menu for home), others’ recommendation ($ 1 per person) + Even with purchases (eg from I paid back $ 2.25 from a 5 £ purchase!). There are 2 ways to collect your money: real money at $ and so-called chips points, which is essentially the same as $ because 1 chip = 1 cents, 100 chips = $ 1 and you can ask for both places, for example. PayPal , I also paid $ 15 from the real money account (where I got $ 5 for free real money for my registration too!), But has since paid $ 5 from the chips points !! + 5 Level MLM Recommendation System: 25% – 5% – 2% – 1% – 1%! Once upon a time, I did not endorse any of my offerwall funds because of some mistake, but because I used to be mistakes everywhere I wrote to customer service and almost immediately answered, politely apologized and immediately signed my money manually, and paid in 1 day to Paypal, Which is still super fast today, so I strongly recommend it because its customer service is also super, which I think is the most important measure, which is why it has survived since 2007!


TIPS for PTC sites:

Only the PTC sites I have already paid for are reliable ,
I have not reached the payment limits below.
– If you want to search for PTC sites, make PTC deals with multiple companies in parallel, and / or build a big team.
– PTC pages should always be clicked simultaneously on a daily basis. Many even count seconds of advertisements when you’re not looking at the page, so you can search for 10 minutes a month for several thousand dollars.
– Put them in your favorites, but save them to the bookmarks bar, which appears in your browser to click through them every 10 minutes a day, because if you do not click one day, you will be offered a few companies that day (or the following day) You will not get any money!
– If it is not mandatory to complete, do not set it up because you live in Hungary because you can get away from the English ads!

If you do this then HAVI 3000-4000 HUF can be clicked on your own and you can easily search for PTC sites!

Register now for a few PTC sites, and tell your friends about this horrible job of finding even more!

+ PTC team building can also be helpful for these 9 FREE Visiting Methods ! 😉


“I’ve already seen payment certificates from other PTC sites”:

Certainly, these PTC sites all had payment proofs on other sites!

+ There are even more fantastic social sites that pay for watching ads (eg 10 MLM levels and Futurenet )!

Since 2008 (!) Has paid a $ 0.5 minimum payment: PayPal, BitCoin, Webmoney, Payza, Perfect Money.
+ 2-level recommendation system 30% + 10% (If you fill in your personal data sheet by 100% after registration you will receive +5 cents instant)
2000 HUF
1-3 HUF
Pays 1-3 HUF to 3 levels!
Paypal, payza
Clicking on “Money Cubes” will trigger advertisements

1 $ Payout minimum for PayPal.


“Do you really pay for PTC sites?


– Even so, many of the PTC sites do not actually pay for it, so I can only guarantee the PTC companies in the first table because these old, well-established PTC companies have been paid for years!
During the rest of the tests, because the majority comes here. It may be that some companies offer a lot of money, but you do not have to spend more than 1 click for them, the more likely you will be paying them, so you are better off with old stable companies or looking for other money-making methods, Only these advertising companies have already received over 100,000 HUF in total, which they have actually paid out. More than 1-2 Dollars! 😉
IMPORTANT: Some PTC sites must be logged on at certain intervals (eg monthly), otherwise they can reset or delete your account.
– In almost every PTC site, you need to click on a minimum of 1-2 advertisements per day to get your money back. And in some places, you can only have a couple of people who join you, without having to buy a premium for money. So, in vain, there is a web site or a big team that needs to have it: <Incomplete income.
– Compared to many other methods, it does mean that on average it is quite small (unless you have a huge team and you do not even click on it daily), and who makes a real sense of life think that it matters a lot, it is not a completely passive income, but you have to click a few minutes a day. .

– If you want a real passive income or you want to earn more than $ 1 to 2 per month without a website, or just want to search for more advertising without clicks, I would rather recommend linking companies , money-making with movie-making , youtube-money search , advertising , affiliate programs respectively. Making money with these combinations, etc. Among the menu items! With these you can really create passive income where the limit is the starry sky. And it’s just enough to do something once, but it does not have to be clicked daily. Of course, there is some sense of creativity, not the PTCs that the stupid can do …;)

Cheats PTC sites that TUTI do not pay:
– MyBrowserCash
– Amazing Money Magnet
– ProfitClicking
– HytexAG
– HourlyChicPay
– HourlyChicRate
– ChicPayment
– Earning Alliance
– ProfitWealthClub