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Making Money with WEBSITE , Internet website for free

Making Money with WEBSITE ,
Internet website for free

Free Responsive Website Website

Today it’s easier than you think!


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Then your business is simple:
Increase the number of visitors and subscribers, for example. Free of charge , but most of all with the article writing and marketing methods below.
If you do not have one of your own products, put your website (or show them with effective newsletter delivery ) relevant (!) Advertisements, bidding for your visitors: offers from CPA Advertising Companies + Paying Ads Website , affiliate programs or relevant MLM companies .
Learn from the Internet Millionaires recommended in this article and test their advice, methods, relevant bids, and advertisements continuously, which brings more money! I’m trying to find the top effective web site creation (and successful monetization) marketing ideas for this article:



Efficient Money Making with an Internet Website:

If you’ve already decided that you are going to make money online automatically, then the internet-dollar-millionaire GURUK says that at least one e-mail collecting website or an enrolling collecting automated system should be set up even at the beginning if you have no idea , About how you will earn exactly that money, no other way or specific …! Of course, it’s only about your own hobby, so you’ll be able to earn a lot of money with your hobby even in the long run. So as long as you figure out the specifics and learn how to make money online, your membership list will grow faster and your network is free even today, which is literally the most lucrative money-making capital, the most stable and secure internet asset generator!
Email subscribing to cashing webpage
You can find out more about the specifics later because, as the internet millionaire gurus say is the real stable business, SOHA is not a product, a service or a company, but a network ..! Companies, products, services always come and go, change. You may have been able to earn some money yesterday by X, tomorrow with Y, so never rely on a company, product, or service !!!!!! It is recommended to stand on several legs, ie to build a network, which can be an extensive network of web site visitors and subscribers. So NEVER DO ask “What should I sell online so I can earn money on a web site?” Or “Which company should I deal with?” Or “Why should I make money on the internet in particular?” .. According to the million dollar internet gurus, these are long gone times. They are not stable at all. Today, the only secure and stable thing for online money-making is to have a network (eg email address list, youtube, facebook or other subscribers on the internet, many web site visitors, fans, etc.) Ie a real PEOPLE network (and NOT companies, products, services!)! And on the Internet, it is important for you to have such a network of real people who can not only reach you but who are waiting for you for more communication, information, and constant attention to the many views you have. That’s why making a web site is very lucrative as facebook and youtub subscribers are still really much more effective with an email address list, which is usually a minimum of a newsletter subscription site. And since money can be literally made from anything online (for example, yesterday I saw in a DOCTOR movie how people were delighted with the yellow VIRTUAL SHOULDER (!) , And he was still grinning as he paid the paypal “That’s all worth it. “.. so the theme is also clear by the gurus: ONLY AND ONLY THE TOP HOBBID ( money hunting with hobbies )! So start collecting HOBBID topics NOW NOW, you can find out everything else later! That’s simple. Remember: not what you should sell, but who you are. According to the online millionaire gurus , if you do well enough, you can sign up for every 10 (or extraordinary 3rd person) 1 email address Subscribing average will bring you $ 1 a month automated ..! Of course, if you really want to sign up with you, for example. Share the hobbits and see that you get useful information about the common hobbits. (Spam never send!). So the main goal of your website should really be collecting subscribers because a visitor is just one visitor who is 3-5 seconds online to your website, and it will be much easier for a subscriber and later to sell anything in newsletters. And do not worry, whatever your hobby is going to be very easy to find relevant pay bids, find ads even if you do not know anything about your own product or service. So for all these things, I’ve collected all the useful information, tools and tips I know about you on separate themes, so I wish you a lot of success in finding money with the website too. =)



IMPORTANT: I ​​can not describe everything here, so I’m trying to sum up the essentials only approx. Based on my 14 years of website creation experience and fresh trends, which I think is important and reminded me (+ I’ll get it here later and I’ll think about it here), so if any detail is not clear enough then you can look for it bravely Because you will find a solution for everything, even if it is not here!

1 Good idea = HOBBID!

Money search website
For a website, you must first have a good theme idea that will surely come to your mind, but it will be a staggeringly lucrative one for you in the long run, also according to your online millionaire guru , it’s definitely ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY your hobby. Your real hobby is that you really love the best of everything. Every wise internet millionaire suggests only your REAL hobby, because you know that online money-making will only be a hobby with lasting stability and profitability! So if you’re looking at a website with a website, only money-making is your main goal, because it’s not a real hobby. The real hobby is what you’d like to do if you had more money than you would like to earn with a website .. !!!! So why would you be happy if you no longer have to worry about money, if you already have enough money, if you were already financially independent and millionaire and you would not have to deal with the money? You got it? Can you imagine? Because, this is the point, this is your real hobby and you will be able to make online just a real lasting stable income, passive income, earning money on the internet too! Many people incorrectly choose to earn money initially as a “hobby” theme, though they are not their real hobbies and ultimately do not earn much money, and then wonder why they are unsuccessful and they say that online money is not working or not Etc. However, money-searching as a theme is only a real hobby, when you are rich in rich or even you will enjoy the most when you make others rich. Otherwise, if you have plenty of money and you do not have to pay for money, then with anything else, for example. Ping your chickens with your photos, or you prefer to sit on the beach with your family, I think you’d rather make a website (ping-chicks, vases, beach, etc.) from the latter, since you start on a topic that you think you have Big money, but only because of money, but you do not sell it to yourself, then if you only make money but it is NOT your real hobby, then this will not only pass through a website to the people (who will not help you at all) For example when you subscribe to or buy from you because they see something is wrong, something is just a scam, a lie, just marketing, if you do not take your hobby a serious quest for money, then you’re not really You are guided, it is not your real help to help and others …), and you will eventually give it up and you will not have anything to do with it (Even if it is via a website!), So there is no fan club (which is now indispensable for online money searching) etc … and so you have a lasting and stable cash inflow It will not be ..! So if you have what you like most about the world, or what would you do if you had a big money, that is, what is the real goal of life (no matter how inconceivable it may be, choose NOW, REAL HOBBY because not only I think, but according to the million dollar gurus it will only be financially viable in the long run, as is confirmed by my hobbies in my article!), So if you have a real hobby then:

For efficient money-making, first search for keywords that are good for hobbies, such as people who are similarly interested in hobbies, and you might want to focus on what many people are looking for but little competition (and still within hobbies!) And these You may want to embed it on your website (I’ve also collected a couple of years for what people are looking for and I’m writing them for articles on the internet for the most part!) And you may want to use www.xy .. domains. Some tools may be helpful for keyword search, such as , ,


Website creation


If you do not understand the web pages and you do not want to get deeper into anything like this, you do not want to pay for programmers, and you just want to deal with your hobbies free of charge for a professional web site Money search with web site without any expertise With the most modern tools (after which cash-earning is very easy now!), It’s good news that systems that are direct to meet such needs, namely the so-called content management systems ( CMS = Content Management Systems), have evolved over time. First of all, it does not seem, but many big companies or They are using them with a great website for big money! So whatever you want, your idea can even start earning money without having to know any professional and proficient in the subject, and be able to say with a ready-made dynamic website where you can either store, domain and Professional website is ready for free With all the other modern tools you need, you can get everything ready to get ready to make sure that you do not really have to deal with anything like your hobby, and the system will make everything for you (code codes, mobile optimized versions, search optimization, commenting options, social sharing buttons, etc .. ) Even if you are a complex professional dynamic multi-page hobby web site, such as webshop, picture gallery, blog or just a simple email subscription page, you may want to review this section unless you already know and love to program (or want to learn something like this) Something big investor or even a couple of millions would have to make his very unique and big-scale needs. So if you do not have some kind of wrath, You want to facebook 2, you will cover almost every unique need for such a complete but easily customizable CMS content management system whether it’s free or even the most profitable webshop that works with it is also cheaper with systems such as 0-preload And maintain and keep up with the advances in technology and new trends, since this is a very negligible point when you make a web site (such as my html), you have to keep up with new trends (eg mobile and I do not know how to optimize my web pages for other devices because I do not understand it …), while using such a CMS content management system for such a million you usually do not just replace all of these updates (for example, For all kinds of screen sizes Professional responsive website for free Optimization), but they are paid free of charge to every subscriber for just a few thousand forints per month (or even free of charge) because they can employ the most profitable programmers from the hundreds of thousands of clients to develop their tools instead, With a touch of a button or copy-paste, you can quickly build anything (like a nice look [countless free beautiful templates], newsletter subscriptions, forums, polls, posts, social media such as facebook items, tags, search options, etc.). So, I strongly recommend these systems because you are ready to get the most professional, state-of-the-art tools you can easily use without knowing what you are doing and without writing a single program code. I’m sorry I’m not using that, and I’m going to make my next website with that too (because you do not know how much pecking and suffering can work with a webpage even if you understand it and you’re a programmer like me. .) And I wonder how I could transfer my existing web pages to such CMS content providers so that they do not have to, for example, I also learn database management and even search and use labels, for example. Not to mention that a web site optimized for any screen google is much more likely to make it easier for smaller devices, and mobile optimization, that is, “reflexive” websites is the future, because now more people are using mobile than anything else … so here are some I recommend that you know this all-in-one system in which you can start making money with a good hobby site free of charge (I prefer foreigners because they tend to be much more profitable and cheaper (more than a thousand customers):

The easiest-to-use professional web site creator systems:
= Screen size optimized very simple web site creation with absolute UNDER PROFESSIONALITY:
Optimized for Screen Size Very Easy Web Site Design Absolute WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL

– (1 year FREE domain!)

– BraveNet: All at once, free respectable website builder + hosting + email and marketing tools (forum, blog, etc.) :


It is also an all-in-one content management system where everything can be fully personalized (eg forum, webshop, personal website, private + small business , business , photo gallery , etc.) AND is forever free of charge: + free hosting + infinite web site + free respectable Website templates like. This . Accessories from € 4 per month. Very professional, all kinds of gadgets from a webshop, with newsletters, you can send up to 20,000 Emal newsletters a month for free etc …!


You can also create everything in your language, and you can create a free personal web page or blog optimized for screen size optimization. + You get free advertising space for free. Business accessories (such as webshop) are 1-2 thousand HUF per month.


5 pages is completely free, and then 7 euros a month for free domains, storage, and advertising credits

Soon I will collect more of this easy-to-use, all-in-one web site creation software that does not require such expertise!

CMS content management systems :
These are more complicated than the previous ones, because some of their expertise already requires them:

WordPress was primarily a CMS system for creating blogs, which has over time developed and you can create almost anything from this (eg webshop), but a basic HTML programming language is much more useful (not like above) !) But if you do not want to miss it, then you have it eg. Such programming skills are really absolutely no wordpress based “content management systems content management systems” (like the easiest web page creation systems mentioned above), which you really do not even need to code or copy and even create anything, it is automatically optimized for all screen sizes (= Responsive) such as !

– + (It seemed to me tough )

– + (I do not think that anymore.)


– PHP-Fusion (not just a basic HTML but not a basic PHP programming language)


Online photo gallery gallery for free
Responsible PICTURE GALLERY free of charge without expertise:
It is also optimized for mobile, that is, a responsive picture gallery for free:
+ 10 photos in English

Mobile optimized website for free

Responsive WEBtore without any expertise:

– UNAS Responsive Webshop in English, 2 weeks free trial

– (30 day free trial)

– (14 day free trial, then $ 9 a month)
– (15 day free trial, then $ 10 a month)

Searching for money with free webshop

MEMBERSHIP website without expertise:
If you own a “membership” page, that is, the content you create for members, for example. You want to earn money with a monthly paid website super-easy without knowing what you know, where you can sell your own articles, videos, videos and courses online, for example:
– (you can, for example, offer 1 month free membership, etc.)


1 good internet DOMAIN:

Find a good domain name with the relevant keywords for your topic (not the shortness of the essence, but to be memorable because if you are thinking not of the poor but of the rich minds thinking , then you are thinking in GREAT way and you can thus greatly benefit from one’s own Well-known big “future brand name” ..!). This is a good idea to think ahead and to grow up because you will not be able to change it later, or if you do, you may be wasting many years of work (for example, people’s memories about you, links to you, social networks, google placements etc.). )!

These, respectively, Check their combinations and alternatives if they are not already occupied: If you are a Hungarian (.hu) then the official Hungarian domain registrar in the detailed search engine , Here at you can check this out.

Money search web site for free The approx. From my 14 years of experience, I learned how convenient and safe is if your domains and storage space are the same for your service provider, so you pay more because it can be simpler, more comfortable and more efficient, for example (you do not have to interfere with domains, DNSs (For example, for now, even customer service is so bad for me if I ask for help from them. For example, I could not set up a newsletter for my accented domains (I do not really recommend an accented domain! ), And in many places there are not even experts on the websites or websites themselves, for example, because they could not solve it in several places so that I could see all of my domains on a storage site by ftp login, though that would be the base … So the most important That if you have a complex claim, write it in advance, ask more service providers to know And will help you find out how reliable your company is from domain, hosting, or anything else.

If you want a Hungarian web site, then google in the search results lists the higher .hu domains, but this really does not matter very much, so almost Money search website Irrelevant that .hu .com .org etc. If you set the Hungarian language on your web pages (<html lang = “hu”> + in meta tags) and the content of your website (= what many read) any web page in your language. Rather, it is a matter of how old (the google is), how old is the domain, how many years have already been reserved (and visited), so if you want to go for a money-making benefit, you might want to buy it, A 5-year domain, but I would not spend more than a few tens of thousands on it. If something 10-20 years ago is a very thorough tuti domain and it is something very big mamut-based tuti I would have a return plan for that domain .

It is also important that all existing domains can be purchased and activated instantaneously online with 2 clicks instantly and instantly, and every year, there is a seizure and domain fee settlement except for .hu domains. For .hu, only 2 years can be reserved for the first time, and a renewal is usually only 2 years, so the prices are usually the same, or they have to be duplicated, which in many places they only want to name the smallest letters. + The .hu-sakat only approx. You can also scan your paperwork by signing an application + ID card + 2 certificate certificates and forwarding it to your domain registrar company to the official Hungarian central registrar and wait until the official Hungarian domain .hu domain registrar approved because it is Hungary. If foreign domains expire, 1 second after that, anyone can instantaneously retrieve it anywhere on the net (so it’s worthwhile to extend them in time). However, after the expiration of .hu you will not be able to re-register for 60+ days.


– FREE for 1 year domain!

+ FREE XYZ domain + FREE advertising web hosting (2 giga) here !

+ Free domain here . (Of course, of course, I only recommend it for free learning, because everyone knows that a serious website with something has a “real” domain ending, so eg .hu .com .info .org It is well-known, and it costs money, because who can not even get 600 to 2500 HUF per year, you probably do not really think so seriously, so the information published on its website is also handled by most people.

+ FREE FOREIGN LANE domain (eg .com .info .org !!!) eg. So !

+ 1 $ cheap domain here

I also bought a com domain here and it was really $ 1! Or eg. is also a place to be!

+ has a couple of cheap domain varieties:


Internet CUSTOMER:

The money Successful search web site
What is a good web site hosting?

– No advertising
– With unlimited data traffic (With a startup, smaller web site, you do not even have to worry about it, it’s still a lot of fun for a couple of gigans a month. For example, this website is about 110 visitors a day with 20 gig data per month).
– Quick
– You can attach up to several of your own domains for free, so you can access up to 1 FTP login (1 packet can only be attached to one domain … in many places they can not really solve them properly!! [ -> customer service!])
– Detailed statistics and tools (eg data traffic, etc. I use the cPaneles interface, and I recommend!)
– PHP and database support (it’s used everywhere today, but there is a number of databases where there is limitation, where there is infinity, which is not what you plan for)
– QUICK AND HELP REQUEST CUSTOMER SERVICE (This is the most important benchmark for every company, because if that’s the case, they can quickly fix anything even if they do not know when the customer service is dirty, so all the nicely tinkling marketing dummies out there They may not be able to provide them well, even though this is usually the case with the appearance, complexity and professionalism of their website, because only good customer service companies are able to grow big!)

Paying vs. FREE storage space?

Free of charge to the paid service (eg 1 Giga free web hosting with PHP here ) The disadvantage is usually that they are slower (you can go back to google too because it also takes web page load speeds, but of course it will only hurt your google ranking if it is very slow, so it’s always a good many seconds to load it Which rarely happens unless there are many millions of people watching or downloading a great deal of data ..!). There is a much greater disadvantage of free storage than it is that it is limited in many features (eg data flow limitations, storage limits, or just a certain number of e-mails can be sent from the website if you want to receive newsletters from emails from your website’s domain address, I would rather recommend professional and even free online newsletter delivery systems instead of just giving you a few more useful features and benefits that I can not even get a new one!). For 9-15 thousand forints per year, it’s good enough to get unlimited and fast storage in all aspects, so I think it’s a good idea to put in a new web site, which does not take your web site seriously and does not want the usual restrictions on free storage To suffer, for example, advertising, bandwidth, data traffic, storage or file size limit, or the risk of being lost at anytime, may become expensive, or not very fast, availability time, bad customer support or just 1. Can be attached domain, or even daily backups + subdomains or satisfactory email address management services, etc … Of course, if it is very early or then it is useful to experiment with free hosting with these, then I have also replaced the yearly eleven thousand forints for the reasons listed above because.

The Successful money with your website search website on the Internet
It is recommended to me good (eg endless and inexpensive [!]) TAKHELYEK web site:


FINAL storage, BUDGET bandwidth and email and $ 200 advertising money are free for the $ 3 monthly cheapest web storage!

Also inexpensive and profitable WEBSITE web hosting: Fast, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth traffic, + $ 200 free-click advertising (for example, $ 50 Facebook, $ 25 Google AdWords ..), + 1 FREE domain , + 30-day Money back guarantee, etc. extras:

This is the cheapest in all aspects of FINAL and UNLIMITED web hosting web site for only $ 2.49 a month:

More Web Hosting:
– Soon more!



Website statistics website

BACKGROUND It is essential to use at least one free Google Analytic to measure your visitors. This will not only let google index your search page on all your pages where you upload it (so it’s a good idea to have each of your pages or your leg’s legs), but you’ll know more, for example. How many visitors your page counts on average and a good deal, but the pros are always advised to offer even any unique, targeted (ie not just aggregate) behavioral and other more detailed, in-depth, more informative statistics Statistics meter eg. Heat-mapping systems, the use of which is incredibly easy to use in terms of money-making.
Website tracking stats for money


If you want to measure your behavior better, for example. Which article you read or how you read it. How long do they read what and what, not so, How many scrolls are scrolled to each page, where to click and where not, where to move the mouse many times and where not, which icon, image, figure, text or product and way of sale is ineffective or what is what is the focus most, What interests your visitors, and exactly what areas of your site are those that are not interested in them, or exactly where and where to hang them in the sales process, exactly where and why leave your 1-2-3 steps or the scanning process, Or even for example. Just entering data, for example. Filling out certain data fields, signing up, signing up, or when and why leaving your website, etc. So you can see absolutely everything, for example. That it was uncertain, exactly where and when. For example, you can see that in all your shopping carts a lot of products are packaged in 90% of your shopping carts, leave your website when it comes to the last page of the payment section and rolls a bit, and since it is generally common to almost everyone to point out the mouse cursor to the site area Reading and so it’s basically to see what MIT looks like, so maybe you’ll notice where he started to see it, read something that made him discouraged, for example. It was only seen there so far at the bottom, that it was a shipping cost of +1,000,000 Euros or that free registration still requires bank card data or an implanted day-to-day world-class bean identity etc. Madness and so, since you can see that 90% of them have only locked your site within 5-10 seconds after that, You will be able to improve it much more easily with half a year, as if you were only looking at a google analytics with a morose explanation of why your visitor count, time spent on your site and revenue, etc .. So if you want a really serious and effective automated online sales system, either If your goal is to earn money with a webpage, then I highly recommend this kind of THEMATIC website statistics measurements.

So, for example, Even a free weather stats site for free: ,
For web site heat maps



Increase attendance website
It’s best if your search engines automatically get your visitors free of charge for keywords related to your hobbies theme. To help promote this, google is the PageRank system that many people today do not know is completely obsolete and almost degraded by google and similar search engines have changed and changed more and more as described here. So if you want a lot of visitors from the search engines for free, then there are many methods that are not effective at this time. Keyword Strengthening, Link Building, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Trigging, etc .. The only important thing that matters today is that google also chooses more than 90% of each website as to how much visitors you send it to is simply your visitors How much time they spend on each web site. 90% of that counts and IS ONLY EZ (so it’s not a Google Analyticch that makes it easier to measure this google). They also realized that this is the only true measure of how effective the content of your website is, depending on the various keywords, that after clicking on any keyword (whether from search engines or web pages), then how much time do you spend there eg. (As a result, instead of Google PageRank instead of Trustrank ..) and the more time you spend on your website, the more google will go to the keywords from where they came from before (words of a link or search), so you want to get any keyword on the google hit list In a good place (to get a lot of free visitors) you just have to deal with one thing: you produce generous and valuable content that many people actually read through. Of course, the keywords should not be included in good places like, for example, To the address, but these are max. 10%, 90% will give you the keywords that people in the future spend a lot of time on your website (meaning that they actually find what you’re looking for or whether they have a relevant link from where they came from and not Only the result of a tricky link building is a meaningless campaign.) And more and more, every search engine works the same way today, so it’s no longer worth doing other tricks, so it’s worth taking care of your hobby, because you can only share something with others in the long run So you do not get hungry, so valuable content is only growing, and more and more people will read it later! If you are willing to make your hobbies a REAL FUND for cashing, then you will not have a problem in the long run, so your success is almost guaranteed in advance, as visitors will start to see themselves and others will share, link and write articles about you. 😉
So what:
90% important:
– Register your website to Google to be included in your database here or Either up to 1 link from a web site already in google (eg, although it may take up to a few days for the google search List with your website If you can not find your website in google then google webmaster tools can add your domain here to your google database , or if you did not find your web page last search or search for the specific domain name , Or you might think that google is a punishment, that is to say, straight back for something like before because, for example, There are tens of thousands of visitors (I had it, so it’s worth noting to try to cheat keywords eg. !!), you can request a review of your website here (after logging in to Webmaster Tools): .com / webmasters / tools / reconsideration + troubleshooting eg. here
– Make Google Analytics on all your pages
– Many frequently up-to-date and frequently expanding valuable content (so how often do you already update existing ones with what counts under google!), Which really serves your needs, so they spend a lot of time on your website because they are really interested in the people. Today it is really so simple and enough that 90% (ie how much time they spend with them), so it was worth starting from getting started with the hobby you started before . Because you know this works the new google hit list rankings TrustRank! So choose your hobby, be good and share it, be better than the average, provide something that is really a shortage in the area that really takes time for the interesters, because it is really useful for them and when you do so google also has many relevant Will be honored with an inquiring visitor ..! 😉
– DO NOT copy articles or writings in NEVER SEEN because it’s not just unethical, but google and other search engines are cruel to punish them for months, so you will not have more visitors but less because, for example, 50 places your keywords back and forth !! So, even 1 sentence and everywhere, write more about your own words (or fool yourself with article writers) because the more unique the content on a website, the more visitors you will have!

10% important:
Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, PageRank (= Predecessor of TrustRank), Keyword Variation, etc. And although one of the well-placed keywords, for example, 2-8% can really come in handy, but if you do this overdrawn, or you just do badly with disagreement, you can seriously punish google, for example. 3-6 months with 5-20 full pages in the list of hits (I’ve done more than my webpages!), Which is not worth it with these tricks (such as meta tag generator , etc …), and I really do not really care It’s worth it, especially not to trust companies, for example. They specialize in link building because even if they do not register “dead links” in quality catalogs (= which no one clicks, or if they click and close, and do not read for a long time), they have not only meaning and money, but they can seriously Google and punish me often (I’ve been punished several times) because they are not stupid and tired of scammers, tricks, and ALL CURVE APRÓ DETAILS PRECISE. So, I do not think it is based on this (I would just say that link building is ONLY links to which you are REALLY clicked and which will not be closed soon after a click but for a long time read your site because only those keywords on these links can increase google If you do not have it, then you can not cheat too much of the nonsense link building, I say, for example, 100+ links in vain, but I’m just wasting my rank on one of my pages [because most link catalogs do not come from quality visitors ..] but where I did not link to anything I just wrote articles that really did spend a lot of time, there were more visitors there, without link building and without any other trick, so according to my 14 years experience this tuti method [so There are no shit articles It’s ok to write what they are reading, just “more articles are more visitors” because that’s not the case, not the number of articles / pages counts, but how much time they spend with it, how much action it will take from there (e.g. If they really read or act from there (eg, if they click on it), they do not like it. You can measure it with the aforementioned square) !!). So, just take care of your real hobby to create and share really valuable valuable content that really interests people (so they will spend a lot of time on your website) and then there will be no problem, because I’ve written several times that 90 In% of this is the one and only this (that is, how much time you spend on your website), that’s how the new search-result list sorting algorithm for a new google (pagerank) “trustrank” works. So you do not have to Build worthless shit, no good links, but generate high-quality content, then the peoples will start to link you (for example, a facebook share!), And with valuable quality links from which visitors come after a long time They are filled with you! So I repeat, do not bother unnecessarily with hundreds of thousands of search optimization tricks, but create (quite definitely hobby d topics) REALLY valuable content that is REALLY interested in peoples that is REALLY serving them and then not only will your visitors be happy but google too You will be grateful for many more and more free visitors, with all the extra time, effort, and unnecessary tricks and money laundering …! If your hobby is REALLY a hobby then you will not have to worry about it … ONLY there is a problem when creating such valuable content when you really did not even find the real hobby right for you and how much you can Creating valuable content can only be filtered out of the question of how much it deals with your real hobby or not. So if that’s all about writing articles and making content and earning money online, it’s not easy for you to do it, and it’s not a fun thing to do Change the theme and find the REAL hobby dat you really can enjoy dealing with, even if you’ve been killing enough money …! 😉

10% is still likely to be counting on how reliable your website is, for example, Do you find any menu items to contact (and if you want to find it eg phone number, physical address etc.) / Help / FAQ / Customer Service / Privacy Policy / Privacy Policy / Terms of Use, PES Regulation (s) / Cookie Use, etc. (In other languages, such as English, your website is, of course, the equivalent of the English such as Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions, XY Disclaimer, etc.).
And there is also a so-called official website standard (= w3c), which is also only minimal if your website meets your needs, and you can check it here, for example: or You do not have to To get overwhelmed here, because this is even more important than the menus mentioned earlier, and I have a dozen of these W3 standard bugs on my site, but this is almost irrelevant to how much visitors will go to google. The point is that you can read (so do not write XYHSSODK +! KSAD, but if a lot of bugs are still incredible robustly translated by the translators and you can usually read them so if google chrome can firefox you can So do not worry!) And to have valuable content, that is, spend a lot of time on your website, 90% of what I say today is just what counts, Do not do anything to sign up because 99% of visitors go out of their way, max you have to register once you’ve bought something and then just at the very end in the simplest form .. It’s all you can see and access but just comment with registration You can do this by not having to register for comments (eg facebook comments) ..! ;))

Increase website visitors

Free money with search webpage website
+ 9 kinds of FREE Visiting Methods for Website !

+ Naturally, the embedding of social networking sites is of vital importance today, which will also bring you a great number of visitors for free, especially if you have accepted these tips and, for example, Really good, useful content!
Webpage making money
– FACEBOOK LIKE, SHARE, COMMENTS embed this site officially so !
– GOOGLE + 1 button (the equivalent of the like, which is also the share button on your Google+ social site!) Officially so !

… if you do not want to get caught up with this one at a time, Slider / community-based buttons, sharing tools to reach hundreds of social sites, and other similar community propagation and user activity, all-in-one, but easy-to-use, non-specialized tools . I use Skysa on this web site (the bottom horizontal bar, and 2 pages completely free!), But there are many similar ones if you search for it! However, it is also worthwhile to completely excel that all buttons and functions are working on your website because I spent a couple of days with a similarly researched appearance because one of them did not like face like the one on the other, sharing on the third and google + The fourth is …. so I chose Skysa for this site because I thought that even on this accented domain I have everything to do (yes, I do not even recommend an accented domain for such reasons because many foreign devices simply do not It works on them (a lot of similar ones but I have not worked on my non-accented domains xD), but as you can see everything can be solved!).

+ HA has your earning statistics with your website:
For example, how much money you are earning on average per month, how many visitors per day, and how many subscribers subscribe by email and 1 email subscribing average monthly for you, then you can also make a lot of money on that for advertising money Because if you are apt to learn how to use the click-based PPC, CPA ads and promotional listings list , then this may be the easiest and most profitable automated Internet earning method for you, Average every 50th visitor sign up and every subscribing average gets you 300 HUF per month (for example, you send 1 newsletter every month, every 10th you buy something for which you have a commission of $ 3,000) you can see that if you are 50 Visitor = 300 HUF per month on average, at least 1 visitor gets 6 HUF, so you can buy up to 5 forints or cheaper, even 20% more money than you spend on them. This is the web site advertising profession that I think today is not a network building (such as newsletters, subscribers) today is the most worthwhile to learn when it comes to online money-making, as it is recommended by the link above, this advertising profession is best I think Vick Stricheus Internet Dollar A millionaire guru also says it’s like printing the money and that’s why it’s the one that most online dollar billions have become millionaires !!! 😉


Online Marketing + TESTING

+ TESTING 3x too .. because all the professionals know that TESTING IS KEY!
Even if you were not able to create a perfect webpage for the first time, many people give up after having not even come up with their ideas after 3-4 major changes, so they think they do not have them with the money search web site, “it is not worth it to learn them As a passive income, to earn a lot of money with a website “or something … If you are so easy to give up and are unable to continue learning (eg, effective testing of testing) then maybe this is not really for such people because a professional web site owner knows, That nothing in this universe remains unchanged, that is, SINGLE STATISTICS ARE NOT PERMANENT, so it is either going up substantially long or down. And if your statistics are down (eg daily visitors, subscribers, revenue), you are wrong doing something and you WOULD TEST TO WHAT YOU NEED (for example, with the help of the above-mentioned hypermarket tools) you would not even come from yourself or the recommended video tutorials I just have to say that online marketing has very simple basics that can ever be successful and if you are interested in these substantive basics, From free downloads Gábor Büdi I would recommend a Hungarian mp3 on the subject, the continuation and the above mentioned Eben Pagan free videos of the internet millionaire gurus, where pikk pakk lists 37 different web pages for example, concisely, briefly, essentially. If you are listening to this 2 + you will see that I think you NEED TO KNOW how well you should basically do online marketing to get started up your stats and maybe you will not even need more testing !!
Money website with search webpage
However, if you do not start up your statistics then I recommend learning about the online marketing gurus I have just collected and collected until I get ready for my new article on express online marketing, because of course you can test every small image, text, title , Word, color, etc. But I think it’s easier to learn the essence of online marketing from guru and you’ll be doing well from your hips right up to getting your stats up and then you’ll be able to “learn” more detail about marketing details and “technical tricks” And the rest to go up your (for example, your earning) stats upwards! So learn from the success stories of online millionaires and internet marketing gurus (like free downloadable mp3s !) And TEST YOU what they say is more effective than your website or not (usually yes, so I’ve collected them! ), So simple .. =)))



– “exit popup” window pops up, despite the advertiser blocking newsletter, asking for an email address, absolutely free script download site here:

After a long search and comparison, I decided to do it because it is simple, transparent, completely free, totally personalized and adblocker, even advertising blockers! This is what I put on this website as well, but I did not do it much for personalization. Here you will find the original online demo version! The main thing is that if you download the free download script here and download it, then the TEST folder will already have a READY OPERATING version and if you upload these files to your repository and open the “index.html” file from this TEST folder You will see that the popup email subscription window will work and so you can redirect your popup window text into this index.html file. + Then you will need to replace the form in this form with the subscription form of the e-mail of the e-mail of your e-mail (ie with the form of squares with square ducklings and end with FORM like your subscription form code). The index.html file also has good little notes to let you know what to do if you were not in the picture. 😉 So this can only be done, I just had to rewrite it and copy it into my source code, but if you do not want to rewrite it in the body folder, read the “how to use it” section on the web page For example, which codes should be inserted. And make sure that the files (.css, .js) in files index.html are ok. If you do not really go there, then there are no such thing as “all ready for beginners”, which does NOT require knowledge, because I even made it for at least 8-10 hours with this newsletter subscribing exit popup window for these pre-written free Even in the case of a full-scripted script, until I installed it on my own website, and it was finished in this still visible form. If you remove the mouse cursor out of my side, you will jump up not to subscribe to my email list, so it will take approx. 4x more newsletter you will be subscribed to the web site To you (just like me, as I already see my new newsletter subscription stats;))! It is essential to build an efficient email address list , but of course you can search for other similar scripts, the point is to have something similar to you because the TOP 1 method of monetization is still pending with the hobbies of the email address list … !!!!! ;))) Live Chat Website That Greatly Increases Efficiency!

WebEngage: Your visitors are committed to convert loyal loyal returning customers:

NEVER write your email address on a regular basis for any website because a million spammer’s automated email address collector programs and robots scan the internet constantly from collecting e-mail addresses from everywhere and if you do, you will receive as many spam emails as possible afterwards! I’ve been in this year too, and since then I have almost 1 dozen spam mails that I can not subscribe to (because spammers do not allow for unsubscription …) because I got caught late, so I’ve written my mail address already Year (IME) only because of the fact that they are not able to read the online robots of spammer e-mail collectors. The later you realize that the more time it takes will be wasted, because sorry such unsolicited email lists are often used for unlawful money so that you can increase the number of your spam mails after you have modified at least one of my email addresses [gigantic] gmail ) Com form ..! And moreover, it can not be solved so after a while just to switch to a different email address if you do not want to take more and more of your time to sort out the sometimes be weakened because spam is not spam folder … !!!


Make sure there is vital for any start to his essence. The main advantage of profit, which the reader can escape. The title is always this need to summarize the chapters to this need in detail explain this because that is what is most able to persuade a visitor to read the rest of the site yourself, ie spend more time on it, that is, so it will more visitors to come free of the googleból (as explained why above), i.e., so that there will be more money. Also written several books on this subject and some useful info, MP3s can be downloaded for free for free download under menu but on this topic I recommend the most Eben Pagano Internet Millionairesfrom because he sums up very well and you can search video shows free money in dozens website succinctly , how can lose the majority of their visitors, the average web sites, such as. what does an average of 3 seconds up to 5 seconds for the average visitor charger there who put three questions:
– What’s this? (Usually good if we belőnie the topic of an average of the average website visitor honlapnál a 1 in 3!)
– What’s it to you? (This is only good if the websites 10% able to !!)
– What do I get? (The websites offer good if 1% of the visitors are interested in something actually useful things have been free as you can see from the video and within three seconds!)

And this also shows dozens of different web pages specific to them because most of what they are doing is wrong today in connection with any type of website, so why not earn quite a lot of money on the site. (-> That’s because they have not seen such linked above free educational videos to see how it is supposed to do this well, he would be so simple .. So you do not watch it; P) So, other things like. distracting “unfocused (!)” images, icons, logos, texts, overcrowded, poor layout, lack of transparency, incomprehensible or not identified during moments like titles. like the video after the military not to say that the deal not worth it “less is usually more.” Ned at this free video just mentioned, which is the best on the subject,I saw countless past and I’ve read many books, but this shows live video all important, of significance in connection with a website at first glance, design, text, content, legibility, transparency, functionality, money-efficiency, etc .. So look at it, that’s it. Point. 😉

– Google integrated search (not necessary if the above “all in one” systems in use, in search is also used to be!)

– If a visitor wants to leave, you can still megfogdhatod example. requesting such a free e-mail subscription popup window:

+ webmaster forum

(. Eg automatically run play, such as buttons or remove the video recommendation.)

Youtube videos embedded in the Web page customization, parameterization is very simple and is often recommended because it is very useful, I also I do! For example. I think in any case be very useful if you do not distract your visitors attention to the recommended default automatically at the end of each embedded youtube video is about. 20 new video, otherwise you easy to escape so similar to your site .. All of these things can configure a switch that is simple kopi pásztézható parameter, which also showed the main picture above will have to write youtube embed code.
The embedded youtube video line parameters must be written neatly behind the main link after youtube embed code is “src” members. The first parameter after the question mark (?) Will be putting together all the separate more than an ampersand. So something like this:
? be such Xparameter = & = Yparameter emilyenlegyen & Zparameter = amolyanertekűlegyen

So the line parameters:

switching on HD video quality (hd)
Values: 0 or 1. Obviously HD playback will be switched off when the value is 0 and will be turned on if the value is 1.
Example:? Hd = 1

Autoplay (autoplay)
Values: 0 or 1. The automatic switch-0 to 1. If you set the video starts immediately after the page loads.
Example: autoplay = 1

Player controls disappearance (controls)
Values: 0 or 1. By default, visible buttons and the controls, so a video can be stopped, unroll, etc., but as switches to 0 (the default value ie 1) will not be shown to control this. uniting as auto-play to give an unstoppable video, which kept going to the end, which can also be useful to increase the effectiveness of email subscribe you to earn money with a website!
Example: controls = 0

Player controller and hide the status bar (autohide)
Values: 0, 1 or 2 (default). You can influence this switch after the play starts, the progress bar and playback controls how to behave. The 0 is turned on after the play starts, the drivers slide off and remains only a thin band, is not it shows where you are in the video. Switched one-line controls and buttons are then continuously visible.
Example: autohide = 0

Player coloring (color, theme)
Basically, use four colors embedded YouTube video player set the color:

youtube video embedding Customize Homepage

Turn off keyboard control (disablekb)
Values: 0 or 1. By default, where 0 is therefore possible to control the video (Space, direction keys) when you switch from one from then on can not be controlled by keyboard to keyboard video
Example: 1 = disablekb

Enable Transparency (wmode)
This is necessary because it is possible that the website you can be with an overlay technology (Lightbox, Light View, etc.), which are absolute positions typically fill the background with a color or image. This is the case of the Fund will Iframes and video foreground might look ugly enough to show through the overlay. To avoid this, the switch must be provided with opaque wmode value.
Example: wmode = opaque

Disable full-screen playback (fs)
Values: 0 or 1. If you set this switch to 0, you can not play the video in full screen.
Example:? Fs = 1

Show youtube logo (modestbranding)
Values: 0 and 1. If the switch from one loading it on YouTube appears on the player, and if embedding video in miniature, a little tender Youtube.
Example:? modestbranding = 1

To turn off related videos (each)
Values: 0 or 1. You can set the video to the end to offer an even Youtube videos or not. If you set this to 0 just a great replay and share link appears at the end of the video, I think it is practical to manually configure each of your videos embedded youtube. It also includes the search parameters show that it is interesting, if the value of the rel 1. You can turn off the video search box at the end of this parameter.
For example:? Rel = 1

Address filling and hiding information (show info)
Values: 0 or 1. If you do not want to appear before playing the video in the upper left corner of the video title or name of the filling just set the switch to 0.
For example: show info = 0

Video Enter the starting point (start)
in seconds to specify a value from which the video begins to occur. So if you set the value to 20, the first 20 seconds of video will only be visible if someone rewind, otherwise the video will start from there.
For example:? Start = 20

Replay and playlists (loops, playlist)
you can set the loop switch to playing the video again or unwind after a stop in play. The embedding Iframes this option is only possible with defining the playlist. The playlist after the switch to make your video IDs separated by commas.
For example: loop = 1 & list = pRpeEdMmmQ0 play, uelHwf8o7_U, SOI4OF7iIr4

So these are the player parameters you can use to beágyazásánál Youtube videos. Finally an example, many long-parameter:
<iframe width = “560” height = “315” src = “ hd = 1 & fs = 0 & autohide = 1 & theme = dark & color = white & rel = 0 & start? = 25 & 1 loop = & playlist = pRpeEdMmmQ0, uelHwf8o7_U, SOI4OF7iIr4 “frame border =” 0 “allowfullscreen> </ iframe>


Website, website development from the ground up:

This fund is only recommend it if you are attracted to the program, and there’s even time for several years, otherwise life is a little nightmare and be able to see what that’s why (not) work … because all some little details will have to adjust to separate you like. font is the website of the UTF-8 character encoding in each language so to contain <meta charset = “UTF-8”> (as I D = I otherwise)creating a websiteI also unfortunately become more able nightmare it to be, because we have more and more other things to care about, which is why I am writing this article to order my ideas are not lost even on this issue, and I made a programmer in southern and well, and has since programming in multiple languages, but I do not feel like to keep up with the new programming, website creation technologies, praktikákkal .. 🙁 so I prefer it longer recommend the above content management systems, or to stop with a programmer whose hobby is programming is also his hobby your site’s theme is + is motivated to do well, efficient, profitable work thus do not pay him by the hour but get such a way.% of the proceeds of the website or banner space, etc .. If you like this, and you’re already qualified personal with professional programmers,you can in as little as two weeks to come up with something completely custom website, but if you yourself would you want to learn about 0, becauseIf you do not want to use CMS content management systems providing the above professional, modern and ready for web pages, you can prepare yourself for the fact that making money is not going from one day to the next boots on the website , in fact it may be sooner supposed to for months or years to learn and develop into . This is of course up to the Internet can do for free is forcing you, because everything is in response courses and done well, you only need to look for.

A little bit into it to learn web-directory, programming is never hurts, even if content management CMS using it, because even though those are not necessary but often very useful, but for the CMS case you busy on the go when you like, and if you do not then no hindrance the site is making money search.
web programming website design from scratch for beginners
The programming languages in the following order of learning the nuts:
1. HTML (default is every website in the language of this program, he is now a much simpler HTML 5 cent each supported)
2. CSS (today every professional website look and feel, the appearance of such programming languages are stored in a separate file in)
3. PHP ( this has been a lot of things much simpler example. dynamic web pages, menus, database management ..)
4. databases for example. MySQL (if you want anything “serious” at eg. Search option, it has not hurt ..)
+ dreamviewer recommend this visual website builder (I have Linux can I use below).

When you learned the other additional script, Such as programming language. Java Script will just grab you ..! 😉
making money website
+ Preparing for Android, iPhone, iOS, Windows Mobile and HTML5 devices such mobilappok. here
& Animation making (eg. in the upper left on my website) to Flash -t I have used it in the most professional sort of thing ..!

The Java would not recommend (not the same as java script), it disables many locations, it makes quite vulnerable against hackers, rather solve it with PHP (+ or javascript), the above four languages in the main, they are everywhere and it can be used for almost anything with it. The other programming language can say is icing on the cake, or more serious example. banking or “Web 3.0, facebook 3” towards solutions, rather than a money earner “simple” hobby website to create.

I’ll write a whole new article on the essential things, tools and “tricks” in online marketing, but I hope you have posted get these in my article, and has managed to somewhat simplify the image is recommended and belinkkelt (!!) things that many people, first of all Popp and only disorder may seem complicated, but in fact I think absolutely not! =)
Holappa making money
If you still difficult, it seems the only disorder ONLY may be because you did not read my articles relevant to the belinkkelt, write out the essential things! Link is not accidental them, because I’m trying to build by theme built on one another in relation to each other my page! But this is also thanks you for reading, I hope you can reach all real, true, noble, loyal, lofty, lofty goal at! ;))))