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Making money with Email address list build

Making money with Email address list build


Start your internet email address list to build it NOW ,
Even if you do not have a brainstorming about how it will cost you money?

Internet address email list building

Because TOP 1. Money Making Method:

Money search email address list building
“The rich are looking for and build NETWORK … Everyone is looking for a job “ Robert T Kyosaki quotes ( financial guru from millions of millionaires )
Of the internet networks, it is still far the most effective email address list. Yes, even on a youtube channel, facebook or other fan base, even even at a MLM , is even more effective today as a regular email address list, that is, to which people themselves are signposted and who actually expect useful emails from you, tips , Ideas ..! And it’s more effective because these emails are regularly viewed by everyone, and they rarely change, Money searching with this email address list building And as a much more official and trusted source, he still trusts the majority as in any other way, because he is more careful about what he / she will give him / her to whom he / she will give his / her address (at least he / she has the ability to do so many filters) Here you can expect not only a lot of brave insanity in other places like “likeolj as like”, but take light years more seriously and handle this communication channel as the decisive majority even today, so today is the most effective email address list if you are looking for money online weave. Not to mention that a visitor is only one visitor, while in any email address list any offer, company, method, fan (eg facebook, youtube ) network construction lending or, You can also send MLM , and every time ..! If, on the other hand, you try to do this (ie from facebook, youtub, or subscribe to), or sell a paid product from there, then service is not nearly as simple and ineffective as the lack of trust (” ) And because of the lack of stable access, for example, A majority of the facebook or youtube video streams are usually NOT ONLY LISTEN even if you have subscribed to your channel, your site, or even the dozens of interesting, unreadable posts, I think you always read them all the way, rather than your emails , I think i understand what i’m talking about .. !! For these reasons, you will receive up to 1 regular email address subscription. With hundreds of youtube subscribers or facebook page / group like!

Because HOBBAL can be paired:

Money with Internet search e-mail address list There is a significant difference between rich and poor thinking that dollar millionaires are only earning money with their REAL hobbies . And an effective internet newsletter is a tool that is fully capable of doing so!

Money with Internet search email address list building
Because it is automated without any expertise

Can provide online passive income:

You can set up an automatic system just once (for example, with 1 web site and one of the professional web newsletter delivery systems listed below) and you can even send sequences from your prepaid newsletters automatically, so you can even increase your revenue exponentially, If eg. You are going to spend a half a year on vacation.

Because if you do well then 1 email

You can also subscribe to a monthly $ 300 :

Money with Internet search address list building So with a 100+ email address list, you can search for $ 30,000 a month if you’re doing it well (tips down here!) It’s all the more effective compared to any other online monetization and marketing method because statistics show that money spent on every email campaign Returns 43x on average !!!!
Of course if you know, you can build an email address list in English, for example. Chinese, because at least 50x is the market, much more towards the future towards more in-line shopping trends . A US email address can earn you $ 1 a month, so you only have 1 or 2 newsletters a month if you manage your list well. From a subscriber base of up to 1000 people, you can live up to date. In Hungary, of course, this might be a bit harder, or a bit more email subscribers (for example, people are not used to online shopping as well as abroad) but even then, especially as you evolve, and you figure out ” “Or learn how to effectively handle your email address book, you can start collecting email subscribers from your own hobby dg now by getting the job done efficiently, by now you have plenty of subscribers and you do not have to start at zero!

Because the biggest mistake for beginners is:

Money search email address list building .. so they do NOT start building a network (ie email address list), but by:
– “What should I sell? What makes money?”
– “What kind of product / service / company would I be able to earn from this?”
These are RED questions !!!
There are also differences in thinking between the poor and the rich . The rich NEVER deal with a company, product, service !! The rich are always on ALL, preferably as many as possible, that is, millions of people, because only the stable long-term is financially material. Rich people know that companies, products, and services are constantly coming and going … because of the different trends ! They disappear and come new, so keep in mind: A product is NEVER a business. The product is just the smallest microscopic part of the smallest and smallest picnic of the money search puzzles, that is, an online cash earning system that is steadily profitable for a long time. The real business is ALL a network. The network is the STEALTH, the MAIN KEYS, the most important FUND, which everything else is built without you today, with incredible great disadvantages, you would want to catch a much more serious web money search topic! I hope you have not forgotten the above quotation: “The rich are seeking and building NETWORKS.” (And you can say that everybody is looking for another 1 company.) So NEVER do not care for 1 company / product / service, but for more than one job .. because a network is already a stable business (= email list). So forget the questions at first, “What kind of company / product / service do I have to deal with? What should I sell? What will be the money?” These will later have plenty of time and opportunity to look for, so do not fall into the many beginners traps They start to go so far as to get lost or spend so much time with them (because without a network, that is, without the email address list, they will not usually be successful with any company, product or service) so that they finally want to build a network, And even if the NETWORK IS A GENTLE, you should not have to deal with any company or product more seriously until you have a good network (eg, a few email addresses) on your hobby, because what it will be, by then I WARRANT that you will know what is worth them send … !! So start editing an email address list now, and definitely just about your hobby d, hobbies with similar interests and hobbies, and thinking about companies, merchandise, and internet services you will have plenty to do when your email address has grown quite high It will grow (!) So you will not waste your time unnecessarily as long as you are learning the effective newsletter sending profession! And by then you will be able to find a few million You will also like the relevant, really useful company related to the hobby d theme with products and services you will be happy to send to your list (which will make money even if you do not have your own product) believe in companies, , Services, trends usually come and go as clouds in the sky, but the best personal emails are much less commonly changed …!

Because 30% of web site visits were generated by emails:

Making money by building an email address list Yes, 30% of global web site visits are generated by emails when you count average, but even if you do not want to monetize with a webpage , you always choose any type of internet money-making method you always start by email address list building! THIS FUND. There is only one hobby area that is right for you, and within this you will not miss an email subscription site (English LandingPage or Squeeze page) My Peach Action Investing site, just for your hobby, which can be either a flower garden, newest luxury yacht models, Japanese cartoons, steampunk fashion, home improvement, gardening, computer science, health, cicawellness, extreme sports, relationship, anything. Making money online with e-mail mailing list building efficiently The point is, rather, that you are interested in the subject and would like to deal with it as a real hobby , just like you think you might find it easier to do more money sooner because you believe the market has changed (!), It is no longer effective at all Which was 5 years ago and henceforth I believe it will be far easier and more effective to find such a real hobby email address list , because everyone in their hobbies can become the most professional and opinion-making (and thus enriching). So, for example, You need to get something really useful at the beginning to get in touch (for free video, e-books, audio, mini-lessons, 1 or so worthy of information, etc.), and you’ll have to send your newsletters later on in your chosen topic. If it’s really your hobby then it’s not fun, it’s fun, because if it’s not, people are not stupid, and you just feel like treating them as an anonymous wallet and not in common hobbits. They are REALLY HELP (this is the key and this More information and tips down!)! And from the pay of the rich and famous , you can see that you can even have a dollar bill on any hobby theme, so only the crazy person does not choose your own hobby …!


EFFECTIVE is the online email address list building
And newsletter sending?

Efficient Making Money With Email Address List Building

How do you build your email address list? The most effective e-mail address list construction method, ie: Why use email mailing list building and automatic web newsletter sending professional systems?

Efficient web search money with list building email address Because you can get one for free right away

Ready-to-use professional system:

Earn money by efficiently building email mailing list You get the most profitable tools you can:
– Advertising exemption even for free versions (generally)
– You will also be optimized for all your screen sizes (you can see their exact look in the visual newsletter designer)
– Many professional (all-screen optimized) nicely-looking newsletter templates + no-job “drag and drop” designers
– You can even schedule a separate email campaign individually for each new subscriber, and you can manage it individually (eg, name -based emails , or everyone gets your newsletter when he’s most accustomed to opening them up and countless other so-called autoresponders, Ie behavior-based automatic email)
– Statistics: Successful email deliveries, openings, clicks, unsubscriptions, rebound email stats on graphs
– Breakdown and performance comparison of 2 different A + B newsletter campaigns
– Automatic bounce ie email rebate management (ie, if someone does not have the ability to deliver your e-mail successfully, you will automatically remove it from your list, otherwise it would also ruin the delivery rate for others)
– Easy, automated subscription (eg 1 link or non-specialized visual subscriber form designer)
– The 1-click easy opt-out option automatically reaches the bottom of your emails, which is legally compulsory and incredible, as it will make a much less click on the spam button, so you can send more emails to spam in the future than others!
– SPAM testing option before sending
– Send a test newsletter eg. To ourselves, to our colleagues before mass extermination
– Delayed email delivery, which can not only mean that you can say “Send mail to everyone in X hour”, but to take account of server loads, temporary problems, and more. Hour sending email or other limits, and not just trying to get over it (unsuccessful delivery to an old email sender), but also cleverly resolves that in these cases (though a little bit late, or at least) will actually send your newsletter to everyone.
– Compliance with the latest anti-SPAM rules (such as DKIM, SPF, SenderID, CAN Spam Akt Compilance, DMARC, SSL and other antispam standards, email delivery policies, email encryption protocols, etc.), which is so important I’m writing this down a little bit because what’s not going to be your level if you go to the spam folder and you just want to change it for that point even if you are using some free server for the sender you installed on your computer because they always use it after a while They are outdated if they do not update them constantly (so they will be more likely to send spam) because there is often no well-paid team of experts that keeps up and upgrades to this new and new antispam and other rules, which is the most important thing above!

+ There are a number of other profitable and now essential tools to ensure that you can increase the efficiency of your online newsletter campaigns by up to 30x in terms of money searching, Gmail, or other such as. You would send out more up-to-date or less profitable newsletter sending systems ..! In addition, you do not need any expertise and most professional email newsletter service providers do not have to deliver anything more than eBay, but you will get FREE immediately after registration and you will not be able to provide at least one free trial option to the internet newsletter sender I recommend!

Because that’s your email address list


If I had previously known that “I could lose my entire email address list,” I would have collected the email subscribers as early as I started, as I was collecting gmail until recently, and now I’ve been confronted, That most professional web site newsletters simply do not allow them to be imported, so basically if you just wait until you grow into your list in gmail or have a plain text or more. In a .csv contact file or in any other plain mailing system (eg freemail) or simply on your web site’s server in an installed application, i.e. in a “NOT professional internet email subscriber and newsletter sender”, you can even lose it because if (100-1000 email addresses), and you only realize that with your regular email mailing system you can not send newsletters for so many people (because there are 100 emails per day limit, gmail, such as 500 daily) or other reasons (Eg monthly limit or earning efficiency ), you would only later come to know that it would be worthwhile to switch to such a profitable internet newsletter system, you will be overwhelmed as I have recently because all such professional web site newsletter senders are NEVER POSSIBLE, To import any other email address list from anywhere, and if you let them, you will also be asked for proof (You say or tell anything else) if your e-mail address list has a “newsletter” in the DOUBLE OPT-in Subscription Table created by another such professional web newsletter system, you have the right to sign up (Even some IP addresses are required!), As it’s just OK for them not to look at SPAMMER. This is the plus signup subscription TIME (+ IP) column “turn SEHOL ALSO is not used to recording, ONLY in such professional newsletter subscription systems. In fact, if you do not try to pass on your email list from another similar professional Internet newsletter, just simply from gmail, for example. From a standard .csv email contact list file or from anywhere else (even from a less proffected newsletter system installed on your host or server) since there is no time (+ IP) column in the DOUBLE OPT IN list table so literally it will NEED LESS later about. You can import all your email addresses to all of these professional newsletters !!!!!!! Max will be able to import you into less profitable ones that can only send newsletters to the spam folder .. !! Professionals, however, think that the spammer is too suspicious of your list, so that you could ultimately have been able to gather from the net everywhere, just as unkind, and they are right because without it, almost anybody can import and import any list and spam It is only unpleasantly that everybody’s spamming is wasted, and where not so strict, the services / servers are more inclined to send all newsletters to the spam folder (because every server and domain has a spam score, and thousands of customer newsletters from 1 server Can arrange ..!) ..! For these reasons, all of these companies are only allowed to subscribe to newsletters at any time by subscribers who have collected their own systems with DOUBLE OPT-IN, so if you do not want to lose your work for many years like me, Since I have been suffering from these service providers since they have ca. None of the high-quality, effective internet newsletters are willing to embed my thousands of people on the list and who is willing to send it to spam or it is costly expensive (because it is the only thing that only highers the price of spam I do not know how to do it, because it is not worth paying for spammers anymore ..) So I’m writing this article so that you do not get my fate, so do not lose your entire email address list (I’m so big I do not know from gmail It’s okay for them to send newsletters because gmail is already a spammer and disable it) so I recommend that you start collecting your first subscriber with the professional and effective online newsletter systems recommended in this article, so you will not lose your subscribers later Because if you later decide on a different service provider, then it is still light years You will be able to import your list to another similar professional newsletter service provider (since real-time + IP address columns will also be credible proof of DOUBLE OPT IN). Double opt in most places is already a basic requirement, so if you can not prove it then you really do not have a chance and where I might not even have a strong recommendation to double-opt for collecting titles because posting And spam delivery rates will far be much better, which will keep these statistics up to date in all future newsletters!

Because of avoiding the SPAM folder

The safest method:

Efficient email address list building searching with money A stable and secure e-mail address list is only possible if everyone really receives the newsletter, that is, NOT in the SPAM folder (since 10 or 100 is so good to open). This would be the basis for everything on this topic. But even the most difficult thing to do is to get it because of the many spammers and profiteering cheats that are increasingly subject to spam filtering, which is getting more and more difficult to meet. It’s getting harder to send a newsletter to spam. The number of mails to be scanned by different providers depending on the different service providers, or the fact that they can not vary somewhat, but they are all very similar to each other, consisting of a million components, are the most important:
1. SPF = Sender Policy Framework digital signature
2. DKIM = Domain Keys Identified Mail Digital Signature
This 2 ensures that the sender is really the sender, the sender’s email address, server, and domain is really authentic, that is, what he claims to be, and not just for example. One of you spoofed at is a disguised spamming cheat. Since the middle of 2016, not only gmail and his associates have been subjected to very strict penalties, but Internet-based newsletter senders are no longer allowed to set up a gmail or similar free email address as a sender, Se yahoo, se hotmail did not use similar free titles Do not use it, but rather an official domain as a newsletter sender! So if, for example, You have a domain of your own, Want to send newsletters via such a professional newsletter system so that should be the sender’s address (so that the reply letters are sent to you by pressing the answer button) then these 2 signatures (ie SPF And DKIM records), you just have to set up a single copy copy on your domain admin’s admin site, all newsletters, even though they are copying simple but detailed tutorials, so I’m not writing more about it here because you do not have to bother, it’s very simple To be with the guides (if not, please ask customer service!) And you have resolved that you should not be cheating because you have authorized your newsletter on your page to see if your domain has eg. Send mail to This is very important to set because all spam filters check these and if they are not there you will be severely punished, which will greatly increase your chances of spam being taken. Beyond these 2 things, you do not have to set up anything like this so you can send an effective newsletter, but these are important, so I wrote about it here and they are usually asked for before sending a separate newsletter. However, for some service providers, you do not have to set them up separately (DKIM and SPF records) because some Internet newsletterers are so good “not spam” that they can not even send them to spam at your (If you do not want to send a very spam-like letter)

What is the basis of spam is a newsletter as I say it depends on a million things, and the 2 above is only the 2 most important of them, but the point is that every small thing is pointing to a point system with positive and negative points. And if you reach a certain limit on the spam score then the spam filter will be placed in the spam folder. Thousands of spam emails have been developed and developed by the large email service providers with a hundred percent spam probability table, where each item is punished with a score if it is stated that spam is suspicious, so suspecting something more punishable by the letter. For example, the above 2 points if there is no proper SPF and DKIM digital signature are serious enough to criminate [so you can write about] so they are highlighted, and if they do, they help you with good points because certain things They can also help with good points such as You are sending a mail from a server or service provider, so it is incredibly important to choose a good internet newsletter sender because you send as many spam mails as possible from a server, the more the server is punished by spam suspects, and that is why the good internet newsletter Senders are pretty expensive because only the cheating spammers are lazy to pay and they are trying to spam all the free sites that are sent from the server or the internet newsletter system ALL OTHER MONEY ALL OTHER newsletters can be hit by severe spam spots and that is why there are many (Such as gambling, MLM, and the like) are not allowed to post via e-mail about the internet newsletters. 97%, and for the same reason it is approx. It is impossible to find an effective and FREE internet newsletter service because free spam will be released sooner and then it will not be effective because everybody’s mail will be sent to spam only from the server or newsletter sender … That’s why I change I’m also gradually getting this web newsletter service because gmail is already spam as well. I’m sending more than 800 people to my list, and thousands of people have grown to my list and gmaillel can only be sent to 500 people per day … 🙁
So there is a “spam probability table” with hundreds of suspicious items, even beyond the above, Various words and phrases, such as “Free”, “lots of money”, “viagra”, action, discount, cheapest, extra offer, etc. But it also takes into account how big and special characters, for example. Exclamation mark or “—>” etc. There is a total of newsletters in one newsletter, plus a percentage of those in the same place compared to the normal text. There is also some kind of normal plain text as compared to pictures, and enough spam is suspect if there is not at least 2x as much text as a picture. Also, they do not like spam filters if there are too many red or many colors, or you overwhelm the projections, letters, or possibly the background color. The subject field is even more sensitive, not just special characters like, for example, —- >>> they do not like the exaggeration, but not even the many sequential lines! In addition, they are very sensitive to many things. For example, in many places the referrer links are punished by points (such as In fact, some companies, websites, and domains are fundamentally spam (with which they have been abused), there is a separate black list of all Internet newsletters from these domains (= blacklisted links, eg, etc ..) + many topics are still punished with points like eg. Erection pills, MLM (Multi Level Marketing), getting money from home, getting rich quick, etc. Yes, you are sorry for all kinds of financial, Spam filters are incredibly sensitive to web money searching, so it is so much the case that the newsletter sending systems are up to approx. 97% of them simply do not even allow absolutely no similar newsletter to be sent out. Definitely 1 piece. There are no referral links, no MLMs, no items on my site (so you did not receive me for a while), because I’m constantly testing these providers now because they are so afraid that they will buy a lot Spam filter, and then it would spoil their servers, and even more emails to their other clients would be spam, and no one would pay them for their ineffective service. Of course, they do not only make a spam check and a legitimate DOUBLE OPTIN email list check but after reviewing the fully-completed newsletter customer service! They also believe in defending against spammers (because they are the most abusive in the above-mentioned themes), so they can only defend themselves against spammers for these things to get enough money for their services as spammers can no longer pay , Since spamming is ineffective in terms of money-making (only many idiots need to send out many millions of spam mails or years of probation), but those who build a decent online business are still profitable to do so, because If you send not only all your friends to unsolicited mail but ONLY send newsletters to people who are actually subscribing to you, you can even easily produce your email address list by $ 300 per subscriber per month, but if you only produce 100 data, it is worth 2 Pay forint by newsletter ..! And it’s only important that you really only send yourself for yourself because if someone has not subscribed and is not looking forward to you when you send him another news bulletin, the more likely he will click the “spam” button Your newsletter, which punishes you with some nasty points, as it is written above, will not only hurt you, but everyone else’s newsletters, in the future, not to be in the spam folder. So with a sober peasant slice you can see that spam does not make sense because from now on your other newsletters will not reach the target properly, so spammers are always constantly looking for new free internet news delivery services because sooner all these “no spam reviews” , And because of these, expensive newsmakers are so expensive that they are steadily and persistently unable to send newsletters to spam. There is already a new article about comparing dozens of internet and other newsletters (I send a lot of detailed questions to you!), Let me recommend some of them whose customer service has already been told that they are REALLY allowed to post money-seeking (eg MLM) or suggestion links Newsletters, because I have not found a table of this kind so far, it would be vital for those who live on the internet to make such a one, but it was not even written on their official website or it was quite incomplete and obscured by exactly what kind of kinds of newsletters (eg money search) (For example, referral link, general money and a separate web or home money-search theme, MLM, etc.), and I have hereby included the entire online newsletter service for ALL ILSESMIT LICENSORS I’ve read about the ratings I’ve read in many places on the Internet, that is, how much they can not send to spam (so I’m most up to the top and I test the people who are not here until I get the new article and I’ll always be fine , On the basis of how effective I am to let you send newsletters related to money, MLM or even just about all recommendations (because 95% do not allow it , do not hesitate to ask for help at the customer service too!)) , I had plenty of time to find so much at all:

This professional email mailing list is collector and

I recommend newsletter delivery services:

Name: FREE use
+ For Email Lists for 5000 People:
Description: Do you want to send newsletters, referral links, MLM or home work / rich-themed newsletters?
Newsletter2go list of Internet newsletters
FREE: You can send 1000 emails per month (whatever your list may be)

You can send 6000 emails per month for 30 $ monthly

Among the free newsletter sending companies, this is best so far , because it has been able to do the best, Delivery statistics (click) , besides being incredibly transparent and easy to use, and very quickly and easily with it all, and now completely updated the interface with new functions. (It’s a rare one like a white raccoon because I’ve tried dozens of companies out there that would give money to them, only half seems to work, but it does not work at last. + It does not even have any accented characters, the other is being embedded, the third one It does not work, 4, XY and support are not available at half the companies, it’s incredible ..) Here’s even customer service is fast! Money-making newsletters
YES, I tried it!
GetResponse Internet newsletter list
FREE: 1-3 month trial up to 250 email subscribers.

You can send an endless email for a $ 45 monthly $ 5,000 list

99% delivery rate + 100% of mobile optimized email subscribing websites can be without any expertise. + It has been written by customer service that if you do not become a paid member after 90 days, you will only completely erase your account, so officially only 1, but you can actually use it for up to 3 months.
Internet Aweber newsletter list
FREE: 1 month trial

You can send an endless email to a $ 5,000 monthly list of 5000 people

This also allows everything (referral links, money-making and MLM themes)! One of the best-known and one of the most profitable online news publishers who are interested in making money searching! When importing a listing, they are also better checked here.
Mybizmailer is an Internet list builder and email newsletter sender address
FREE: Monthly 2000 emails can be sent for unlimited time with full functionality

Very cheap:
5 $ 5000 emails

$ 25 for a $ 5,000 list endless email every month

So far 5x I sent him newsletter completely free and everything works quite well. Easy to use, transparent, detailed professional admin interface and features, customer service is fast, helpful. The only rumor that he was able to have relatively low stats was: 10% soft bounce, 3% hard bounce, and 18% opening ratios, but as I now see it is only my oldest lists are imported here because those rates are much worse and better for the newly collected ones , So free newsletters are so much shit as much as I’ve tried, but of course, many paid newsletters are able to get 2x that good rate, though they can be paid with a pay-as-you-go package, You can also use a private email server to upgrade your workstations here.
Yes, I tried it!
The best online email newsletter mailing list building and delivery services
FREE: 300-person list with 300 emails for an unlimited time with full features

Incredible cheap:
7 $ 10,000 email or 29 $ for 10,000 entries on endless emails per month

It is important that the FormGet Fund is a multi-service company, including MailGet, a messaging email system, but here you need to connect your own SMTP server (so far it is the cheapest e-mail provider , but SMTPs so far only MailGun SMTP also allows you to send such money messages as I have been asked so far !!), except for their new service called MailGet Bolt, where they provide SMTP (in which case you will need to authenticate your sending email address domain [eg SPF DKIMel] . FREE: 1 hour trial, which is manually set up after customer service It was quite difficult to know (maybe because of the Indians), but in principle they allow everything, only if you get complaints about your account being stolen. So it’s not good if you click or spam spam to post spam here ..!
List of internet newsletters freshmail
FREE: 500 subscribers for 2000 emails per month for an unlimited duration.

Monthly € 37 per 5,000 list of endless emails per month

If you are only very little involved with money and are not very wealthy or money-making, you have links, MLM or something in your newsletter, you may allow it, but the topic of my site is no longer committed! But exceptionally, it has a unique custom optimized admin interface! FREE: 250 for 1000 emails per month for an unlimited duration

$ 52 for a $ 5,000 list endless email every month

Most popular referral links are available, but money, MLM or similar themes are no longer available! They only allow douple opt in email lists that have IPs too!

What they used to be in the list but not already, I do not recommend them, for example. Because I tried it and did not use it well enough, I did not even get help with help from a customer service, or just did not work or missed something important etc. Many others are trying / trying. And more effective, high, high-delivery effective news bulletins on the list and comparison of more effective news bulletins in the coming weeks, and I’ve left those I’ve taken out of here because I tried but did not recommend it, and I wrote in more detail why I do not recommend it Especially those that are allowed to submit financial topics (eg MLM, referral links), but in this new article, there will be multiple volumes that will not allow them to be sent. So, what you see here in this article are FREE newsletters for monetization So you can send almost anything (max. Gambling, pornography, murder, pedophilia, spam)! Sign up on the left If you want to know when the article about comparing new email sending companies is ready! 😉



OPT-IN = single optin = plain email subscriber who, after typing in your email, confirms his / her intention to sign up with 1 “okay button”

DOUBLE OPT IN = Subscriber who has clicked on confirming subscription link by email confirming automatic subscription sent after plain OPT-IN. Only collect subscribers in this way because you can radically improve your delivery rate! From experience I say that about 10 out of about ten. 1 person simply WANTED to enter your email address normally even if you want, so it is very important that you just build a double-opt, double-affirmation, email address list because the above spam rules (and bounce values) You can radically increase the delivery rate across your list !!

ESP = Email Service Provider = Internet newsletter sender service (such as listed in the table in this article)

DRIP CAMPAIGNS = “Dropped” email newsletter campaigns, that is, you can set the exact newsletters at which intervals you should dump. Whether an introductory newsletter mini-course series for every new subscriber, even a single email, triggered by various triggers, ie switches (eg if you opened 4 newsletters and did not click once or nothing or if X and Z are lit up and have already been 3rd On your payment page, but you have not received anything, for example, you can get an automatic email containing a free coupon, etc.). There are where these are personalized autoresponders .

SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, ie Simple Email Transmission Standard, which is a conventional public communica- tion mode for forwarding e-mails over the Internet. The recommended table professional newsletter sending services (= ESPs) will always provide a base for you SMTP server as well, which are also suitable for mass email kiküldésekre, but if you are using can be installed on your machine, you or your site storage to email sending program, you usually you need a separate set you SMTP servers or rent a quality SMTP e-mail server sending (free of charge because there is usually able to send only spam ..) plus funds, and because the traditional servers. home Internet connections are always off against spammers tend to be limited to NOT be conducted mass Newsletter kiküldéseket about (eg., hourly, daily, monthly limits etc) .. !!

BOUNCE = rebound of the newsletter to certain e-mail addresses, which may be:
a “soft bounce”When only a temporary error is (eg. Full mailbox server downtime), and can be
“hard bounce” , that is, when you try to send a (longer) existing email addresses or when you can not deliver the ESP after several days of attempts to write to someone (the higher the bounce rate, the number of “suspected spam penalty” was you get, which can lead to all leveled, everyone carries a sPAM folder, or also to disable the ESP account (yes, I have talked about this very delicate, many ESP support) so now just does not make sense, therefore, email addresses obtained at random or unknown send anything, and so I dedicate so much of yourself collected oNLY DOUBLE OPT-iN for …!

Complaint = Negative feedback notifications about how much spam you finish suspicious activity (eg. Spam button clicks, spam reports)


send out the e-mail address book online, newsletters, how to find a lot of money?

e-mail contact Construction

In this final part of my article 2./2 theme continues in Money email address list + Efficient sending newsletters ! ;))

Email TOP 1 activity on smartphones: