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Online money-making online movie upload

Online money-making online movie upload



You DO NOT need to watch movies (such as a smartphone with money-making method), but you only need to upload a movie for up to a few minutes, and it’s automatic and this will be the way online video viewers will come! You can pay up to $ 5 a month for each view of your advertising revenue , which despite growing advertising blockbusters is growing, as this TREND …

You can pay up to 1.5-2 forints per video online in Hungary, but if you are watching foreigners then you can pay up to $ 5 per movie (converted from dollars). The method is similar to ” uploading / downloading money-making “. Of course, this depends on the length of the video you are viewing, the file size and the country you are watching. Watching a 1 minute little funny video online, you can pay up to 1.2 HUF if, for example, From America, Canada, England. Just think about how many videos you make, watch online movies in the evenings … If you look at 1 million, you can also be 1 000 000 HUF for you! Of course, youtube is easier to get a visitor, so apply my 1 hour method below, which will also bring passive income for you to work for only once!

A list of online pay movies

The 1 hour METHOD:

25 minutes:
Video that is okay but not legal-protected or has expired license , so it’s definitely not canceled and it will make money for you in the long run. For example, at there are many non-copyrighted, freely distributable full movies!

+ HELP: download movie from anywhere for free, from any online movie viewing site so!

There may be a lot of movies on your computer or rarities on old DVDs, etc. There may be rare treasures you can not find anywhere else …! Do not let them be lost to the beast, let the posterity be glad! Give the peoples what they want to give you. Be creative! 😉

25 minutes:
Download the FILMED
For the list of sites that pay for online movie reviews later than one, to one of them, for example. here!

10 minutes:
For online (or foreign) online movie viewing sites! (You will get the link right after the upload is completed, which can be used by anyone to watch your movie online for free.) In the list below I have collected a few huge Hungarian viewing sites, which can not be appraised by anyone. Instant free links to these movies, but they look at millions of every day so you can get thousands of regular and constantly stable and even more streaming movie viewers for free on your videos, which is more than $ 1 per viewer:
– ,
– ,
– ,
– (can you just submit a link to an existing movie?)

—–> + English movie uploads, movie viewing sites where links can be sent:
– =
– = = (-> For free registration you can upload a link to even existing movies or NEW movies!)
– = = (with free registration you can even upload NEW movies!
– (-> Only links to existing movies can be uploaded, but without regression!)
– (You can upload uploads without registration, but you can upload new movies with existing movies and registration!)
– (You can upload only once but for existing movies only)
– (You can upload without registration, but only for existing movies)
– (You can upload it without registration, but you can only upload new movies with existing movies and registration!)
– (You can upload after free registration)
– (You can only recommend new movies after registration. You can change the language or workflow in Hungarian at the flag)
– (It seems that only new movies can be uploaded, WITHOUT REGISTRATION)
– (WITHOUT REGISTRATION , even a new or existing movie can be uploaded!)
– = = (must be registered)
– (-> There are links to top-of-the-line movies only for registration.)
– (FREE REG To upload existing links to existing series only.
– =? = (-> There are links to top-only movies here, and wait a couple of days for registration.)
– (-> There is a link upload only to the above movies, and not all of them are good, but at least they can be uploaded without registration.)
– = (-> Here’s a separate request for uploading.)
– (-> New registrars have to wait for a while before allowing link upload)
– ( Doxy and indie movies can only be recommended)
– (-> Here you can only get a movie title or your own professional movie) – =

+ There are many other free visitor methods … ..)

TIP: To publish the 50x larger English market or even more TRENDS for multiple money with the same amount of time it can be from home, of course.;))

Such free online movie viewing sites are still viewed every day from many millions of homes in Europe, so you can earn up to 1 hour of work on a regular monthly monthly passive income, that is, a cash source you just had to work on once and then always comes every month! Moreover, without any expertise, easy, fast, lasting stable earnings, absolutely legally, ethically creating a winning value! (So ​​every such movie site is full of advertisements and money through advertisers who can pay you for their income and advertisers are also profitable if they do a good job in a good place 🙂 Do not know how many of them live! Do you think why there are now dozens of links to every movie online and not just about 1-2 as long as every online movie viewer has? Of course, it’s not a good thing to be skilled and creative, in the field of movies, what is not very competitive or not at all. For example, there are a lot of unprotected movies that have a synchronic version, although only subtitles have been linked, or there are no all movies on this page, either where you can submit a link or just have a camera or an English version. Even subtitles, etc .. Be creative! In general, this is a good way to go in some areas where you always enjoy watching online movies regularly, and it’s not like everyone else’s taste, so we will not be so much of a competition if everyone does what he still likes and yet everyone wins Because the film palette is widespread ..;) Just imagine that your earnings would increase from day to day if you dump a single link every day with a few minutes of copying. If you calculate it specifically (I calculated based on your own statistics) then at least one thousand forint for an hourly rate It will come out only after 1 hour of work, not only 1x, but every month you get it. If you work for such a movie-making job, say 2 weeks (= 80 hours), then every month 80,000 HUF per month will come to you approx. Even if it targets Hungarian less-paid (non-foreign) markets. There is a little different sense of life if you do not only pay once a month for what you have created, but more and more on a regular basis every month …;) TREND: More and more millions of new internet users are coming from a growing number of devices every day! (And watching movies online too ..) Is it too incredibly easy? ; Then why do not you test it? One test is worth it, and I’ll get paid proofs as soon as I get the payment minima! 😉

-> Paying for Internet Movie Review will be paid to so-called internet wallets . Watching movies online for moneyWatching movies for money onlineEarning money by watching movies online
A list of pages for paying movies online


This list was updated in July 2016 and I’ve only uploaded the trusted pages I’ve been working on for a long time, for which you are also watching movies online (if you are online, you are more like =)), it’s no coincidence. ;))

Web sites that pay online for watching movies online
In exchange for watching movies from YouTube, you can pay up to $ 0.29 , while paying for $ 1.2 a foreigner for online movie reviews.
Pay $ 10 for Internet Treasuries: PayPal, BitCoin (I’ll pay you within 3 to 4 days after making the order, which is fast enough!) payment certificate

online filmfeltöltésért fizető tárhelyek listája
In return for watching movies, you pay $ 0.52 for the visitor and you pay $ 1.3 for foreign visitors for online movie reviews (per movie view)!
– Paying these amounts for shorter videos and movies for half an hour!
– And even if you only look at 10% of your money, you already pay (it requires at least half or 100% of your other hosting, otherwise you will not get any money anywhere else, so here’s a curiosity!)
– They are paid in embedded form after watching the movie even if it is embedded (also very rare for such !!) !!
– Allow adult porn videos (this is also rare among other movie sites)
– You can upload 5 Gig movies
– You get endless storage (this is not too common for other movie hosting sites!)
– From a computer (IP) It’s NOT limited to 1 movie view for revenue, but $ 1 !!
– $ 10 low minimum payment amount.
– You will be paid for online cashouts within 1 week of shipment: , PayPal, Bitcoin Cryptovaluta , Webmoney, PerfectMoney , Payoneer, SolidTrustPay , Wester Union, + bank transfer!
Online movie watching sites
In exchange for watching movies in Europe, you can pay up to 0.3 HUF , and for foreigners you pay up to 1.2 HUF for online movie reviews.
It pays internet money from $ 10 every 2 weeks: PayPal, , Payza, Payoneer, Moneygram, Xoom or bank transfer. Even my friend has always been paid reliably so far, but he also says that if he uploads copyrighted movies, he wipes them pretty well, so I prefer not to upload any copyrighted movies. Eg doctors films eg., old, expired licensed movies, etc.! Though it may be that they have only deleted some movies because they have only 45 days to watch movies that have not been watched at 45. Span also says that the less popular films are usually the first to appear, so this is the reason why.
+ On March 28, 2017, the commission of ALL COUNTRIES was raised by 10-15% + faster payments and inactive movies were stored for 60 days! payment certificate

After you’ve paid for my account at the beginning of the first quarter of 2018 at the beginning of the 2016 issue with the 3rd customer service, I just asked why the partner program did not work and when (because it has not worked for weeks since it was upgraded to mobile optimized for their platform But it looks like it’s working, I’ve also been listening to a new account because it was the most paid pay-per-uploader on the basis of the experience (because the actual payout experience and the payout amounts shown on their site are often different, so we’ll see what’s going to happen). So you can pay for it, but in the long run, scams of such filming companies start to grow, although it has been paid regularly for more than 1 year [2016nov] (he has not annoyed customer service) and says movies are not really scratched It is also fairly certain that what is the majority Ndig pay, because this storage is used by most people at home now, so:
Paying on Internet Treasury : , Webmoney. The minimum payment amount is $ 50. payment certificate
Money for stuffing movies
For film uploading to HUNGARY it is, in principle, the most paid online storage space, but in my experience I pay very little for the others, I do not know why .. 🙁 So it pays just for a quote: 0.6 HUF for f1 movies! + Also for foreign film reviews Paying you the most, you pay up to 1.4 HUF ! Pay online for $ 26: PayPal, , Payza, WebMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer , MoneyPolo, PayWeb, OKPAY, Code, MoneyGram and Ethereum cryptovaluta are within a few days. It’s a great advantage that you pay when only 10% of people are watching your uploaded movie !!! For online video hosting for online movie watching, you usually have to watch half or even the entire movie uploaded to get the money … !! + Another unique great advantage: hosting for embedded videos! + In principle, others have been paying for 5 years, just recently with some new storage. + You can upload up to 6 gig files! And you will not only get 1-2 giga storage for free, but also endless pornography and porn movies as opposed to many other online sites! Plus, movies are not only online but can be downloaded at one time!
Money to raise money for movies
List of online pay movies
In return for watching movies in Youtube, you pay for $ 0.13 for a foreigner, as much as $ 0.8 for online movies, but it’s a great advantage to pay for movies for 1-2 minutes. It pays to Internet Treasures from $ 10: , Payza, Payoneer, Bitcoin + bank transfer!

Money-paying websites for watching movies online

More real money-paying movie, movie review sites and storage sites:

They pay far less for your home (pay attention to where there are 1 000 where you have 10,000 movie reviews, no matter!) Or for other reasons I did not rank in the list above, for example. Because you have to watch peoples watch your video completely (even the end of the movie at the end) or because you have deleted your movie for 1 month after 0 views. Other disadvantages compared to online storage with the above details: (although at least the storage space is endless)

Making Money Watching Youtube Videos:

There are regular youtube videos for Hungarians every day, so you can search for up to 0.1 USD per day for a few pairs of youtube videos, which is not too much, but you can also invest in others and make money much faster to search. For months, my money was lost in this company, allegedly due to some paypal error, and I thought it was a shameful company, so I bought it, but it was recently re-uploaded because I wrote for customer service several times (slow and rarely customer service) We have finally managed to pay the money successfully with customer service. Payout minimum: $ 10

Free Real Money Watching Online VideosWatching movies online
Money searching online movie watching

Movie uploads are now NOT paid online movie uploaders:

Online pay moviesOnline money-making online movie stuffing

You may want to check out online with watching movies online:

– Which movies or videos would you like to deal with for the video of the same size and length where you pay the most money?
– What is the Min and Max uploadable movie size and video length for the server?
– Do you want / can you combine your links with short-selling advertising companies and advertisements to boost your passive income?
– How fast is the server at the free version? Does not the movie smell?
– Which hosting, how long will the files be stored after the last movie review?
– Is there a minimum file size or movie length to reach or what to look for paying for the file? There is where the whole movie should look online FULL DAY LONG, in order to qualify for the file 1 online movie watching, there is where enough if at least half of it was viewed.
– How, when and how is payment made?
– How Much is the Minimum Payout Amount?
– How many online movie reviews do you count on the same IP every day?
– Do you get money from premium membership after purchases? (More people can buy premium memberships online for online movie watching sites abroad too !!)
– How much money do you earn after refferals?


+ Here’s a different method, 2 companies that you can earn money with online movie watching, here you have to watch short videos one by one:

1: This is a real money-making 15-second video every hour for this smartphone .