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“How are they paid?”
Online Payment Modes + Internet Purses List

Internet walletsMoney searching internet wallets How are you paying your money online?
The companies listed in the menu are paid either by direct bank transfer or through online wallets. Direct bank transfer is common in Hungarian companies, but it is unusually rare for foreign companies, because these two completely different types of bank transfer exist:
“Bank Wire” = Electronic Banking Transfer FROM MISCELLANEOUS banks / financial institutions (whether domestic or foreign). Safer, but much larger commission. Usually faster than “bank transfer” between domestic banks.
“Bank Transfer” = electronic money transfer between the same or different banks / financial institutions but ONLY IN YOURSELF. Less secure, but much smaller commission.
Both can be launched online and offline, but can only be paid through a “Bank Wire” across different countries, which usually involves both parties at a very high cost of transfer: $ 10- $ 40 + a lot of deductions or even more! Therefore, the traditional online bank transfer method is incredibly rare amongst different countries, and if so, you will normally be charged with your own shipping cost, so you should avoid this payment option! If you would still pay a foreign company in this way, then you will need an international IBAN account number + SWIFT = BIC code that you can get from your bank.
But even domestic bank transfers, for example. The reference to the Hungarian invoice format is often too complicated, too expensive and difficult to find, so you have to find solutions to all of these in the internet, for which money is usually only enough for your e-mail address and the order of fewer or zero commissions is deducted from the right wallet!

Most companies are paying the so-called ” internet wallets “:

Wallets online
What is an Internet Wallet?

It’s just like an online bank account (though you know more about everything you can do with an offline bank, such as embossing a physical mastercard bankcard, etc.). You can also refer to them on your regular bank account for many kinds of currency (eg dollars, euros, HUF, etc.).
+ INSTANT, you can instantly point to anyone, from anybody who has the same type of internet wallet, and it is therefore better to have instant cash there. So you can actually get the money that you have on the net, because if you have your money sold to your online wallet, you can be sure that you can even put it on your regular bank account at any time, and if you do so, you can still get less commission deduction You usually ask for a normal bank transfer abroad for your money. There are online wallets. + So you do not give your bank details to others, so it’s not only faster and cheaper, but also safer and you do not have to get many unmistakable numbers and code numbers because only one email address is needed for money betting (the email you registered with, Completely unique and yet easy to remember) and an email + password for money transfer. In addition, money is also available to those who have a similar online wallet, and of course it is becoming easier, faster (more and more instant) and getting cheaper from any wallet / currency to any one. So faster (even instant), cheaper, safer and simpler to refer to electronic wallets (especially between different countries), to make money, and of course you can buy anything online with them even more offline, You can also choose to embed embossed MasterCard credit cards on any online cashier. And the ever-newer / more modern types of internet wallets are increasingly aware of what traditional banks are, and nevertheless, there is less and less room for booking, transfer / receiving, etc. Commission and more and more services that even traditional banks do not know. So you usually get much cheaper than using a regular bank account!
So if your online money has already been paid for one of these online wallets, then you can make sure that you are able to transfer your money to your regular bank account.


List of Internet Wallets:

They are centralized because they have their headquarters, so these are traditional (old-fashioned) internet wallets :

Electronic wallets
One of the oldest and most reliable online wallets. Always pay in time. To transfer another paypal to your internet wallet, you need to have the paypal email address and password of the other party, and the transfer is immediately made. You can only use the WithDraw option for a bank account with a traditional bank account of your own name, which is approx. 1-2 business days until it comes free if you make a forint for a forint account, otherwise currency conversion, b. 4.5% off this as any other wallet or bank or convertor used to receive such commissions for currency conversion, which they usually call it and are called free, because they are usually in the currency of exchange rate change (which at a much lower price You’ll be able to get around [about 3-8% worse] than the best currency exchange sites. + There are other types of commission deductions like any similar centralized Internet wallet, and paypal commissions are here .
PayPal, even though it does not currently have the most common many things as effectively as other competitors (for example, you can not get embossed mastercart, or you can not upload your balance on a bank card (just attach it to me, so I can not get the money out of the plain To your bank, you can only buy it online that you could ever know ..]).
+ In addition to the high commissions, these centralized wallets are worse than Lendi decentralized, but since PayPal is the most widely used (which will be so soon), you should also register here. If you are not a company, then you should create a personal wallet. You can use it once for free to sign up, with a daily limit of $ 2500 per month until you attach your regular bankcard. If you have attached a debit card that you have verified (ie you raise a small amount that will have to paypal in your code for a transaction) you will receive the allocation limit for several hundred thousand forints per year, and then you will then send home address and personal and invoice copies You are approaching a limit of HUF 100,000 and if you have attached a home address card + personal + utility bill scanning, you only raise the annual limit and re-apply.
+ Paypal is pretty stupid too, for example. If there is money in the paypalodon from which you want to buy online, if you look at paypal in the currencies you want to buy, you have that money in it (for example, your dollar) and NOT the total equilibrium. That is, if you buy $ 10 into your gadget, but you only have $ 5,000 and $ 6,000,000 on your paypal, you’ll still be able to deduct $ 10 from your bank account that is attached to your bank card even if your bank account is not in USD . Is in forints !! So if you want to refer to your linked card via a plain paypal, and not from your paypal account (though there’s enough money on it), then because unfortunate paypal can not automatically convert it from the base as other normal wallets or at least at the time of purchase offer what account you want to pay The dollar, the euro or the HUF, so it is not possible to paypal so if the currency differs between the number of your account and the one you expect of the payment, you must first transfer it to Paypal balance – Manage Currencies before purchasing the paypal admin account (Euro, USD, HUF, etc.) so that you can now see it as an option at this time, that you want to transfer / pay from this paypal, rather than your attached credit card !!

skrill internetes pénztárca
It is the 2nd most common and most common internet wallet (formerly known as Moneybookers). This is also trustworthy, always paid in time (online instant 1 email, in bank transfer, in 1 business day ($ 1695 in return for commission)) and mobile optimized very similarly and as easy to use as Paypal, too.
For example, it is useful because:
– The 2-factor security confirmation (Android google authenticator appal) is a basic requirement here, not like paypal (where this feature did not work!).
– It is possible to convert the currencies easily on payment (instead of a debit card) rather than the paypal described above.
– You can upload your account with Bitcoin instant and in many other ways (paypal has been integrating bitcoint since 2014 but still can not upload your account ..)
PayPal does not accept PayPal in many ways: mainly in stock exchange, investment, sports betting, gambling, gaming sites, and many internet money search sites (eg questionnaires, PTCs, etc.), but in a few other places, PayPal is also the most widely used internet wallet, Which is also something that can be bought online for a long time (here is also an email address + password) because Paypal is getting more and more choosy with whom to contract.
+ Already You can also upload your balance instant Bitcoin with decentralized cryptovalutas !
– You can even place your money directly on your regular bank account for about 1695 HUF.
– In addition, it has been a few years since Paypal is still available: you can also use a mastercard embossed bankcard that can be used for millions of ATMs at $ 10 per year for skrill electronic wallets for a while now, anywhere on the globe or traditional You can buy a bank account without a bank account (about 2% commission deduction per purchase), or you can cash in any currency from any ATM at any currency (although this is even more brilliant and I say because I’ve already bought ATMs) With Skrill mastercard .. so bank transfer is cheaper! :(), and of course there are all sorts of crazy limits like similar to a similar centralized wallet!
skrill elektronikus pénztárcához dombornyomott mastercard bankkártya, skrill hitelkártya

+ + Get $ 10 FREE REAL ESTATE!

If you sign up for a Skrill account again, then according to the instructions found after registering at -> Free Money, every new Skrill member will have $ 10 for free to join you too. 😉

advcash online pénztárca
A trusted web wallet, which is mainly popular in Asia and is therefore not well-known at home but very professional, is my favorite among centralized wallets because it has a million features that one of the other wallets (or hundreds of cryptovaluta switch-over solutions), or cheaper the same Like other centralized wallets (eg ATM with exception of MasterCard). I’ve been using many of my friends and I’ve been working on SkyWay’s track-side technology investments too!
You may also be able to claim an embossed MasterCard type of debit card for up to $ 5 a day (if you need 7 days after signup, if you later charge $ 15 for a single payment), no monthly fees, free shipping, far cheaper than most similar companies Works well with my friend), and I will order it as well because this is my favorite centralized wallet for low commissions.
+ 2-level SMS security confirmation (which is much better than google appos because it only works with Android telex), even if you’re sending money, you’ll even email confirmation outside the SMS code and password!
+ You can also have a virtual bank card. $ 1 can be instant, and is more sympathetic than other electronic wallet methods because neither your physical virtual bankcard nor your virtual bankcard is directly linked to the regular (EUR, USD, Rubel, etc.) balances (such as skrill) But a separate USD / EUR balance attached to your bank card, which you can always get your money back at any time, and you can instantly get it for $ 1. So if you steal your bank card as a password, you do not have enough money, because first, with the 2-factor security confirmation, you should be able to lock the hacker robber, or you can use it for example. Give it to your wife, to grow up, to your children, to your neighbor, etc. For occasional purchases and it can not dissipate it yourself indefinitely and further, but only max. Just as much as you manually rolled on your card (and you can get instant packs from the admin interface) =)
+ több szintes mlm internetes pénztárca kriptovaluta váltóval The Bitcoin listed below for decentralized cryptovaluation And it can even make millions of other currencies and Internet wallets with the built-in instant currency converters, even with commission deductions (eg bitcoin), which is incredibly useful for a feature, and I’ve also sold Advcash bitcoin for months directly (they just started to pause this feature You can switch to Instant Bitcoin from AdvCash , for example, from the changer currency changer listed below (I’ve used it several times already)!
+ Any MasterCard can embed embossed credit cards in any country within a few days (not on a bank account, but directly on your credit card [even virtual]), + some millions of other cryptovalutes and centralized / decentralized cash purse currency allow for cheap conversion in ways that modes Other wallets are not used to!
And besides, you can even earn 3 MLM levels at the same time. You can also earn money with your MLMes affiliate program , although I see that these affiliate programs have been reduced to 1 level (I’m asking customer service).
advcash internetes pénztárca ATM bankkártya

It is also a profitable, reliable web wallet, which is also becoming more and more popular in many areas, mainly Asian or Bitcoin interest, or investment and gaming companies as I see it.
– A completely free bankcard for the internet wallet: You will receive a mastercard bankcard anywhere in the world for a one-time $ 10 shipping fee, with which you will be completely free (offline + online shopping, + ATM cash withdrawals as well! !) And even his annual prize is not like everywhere else in embossed bank cards!
– You can get a virtual bank card in exchange for $ 0.5, which I have not seen anywhere else in the online wallet company, even though you can buy it online anywhere and you can upload any other electronic wallet with it instant.
– You also have a built-in currency converter, with which you can monetize between a lot of money (maybe 150, if I remember correctly) and decentralized bitcoint + The benefits of cryptovalutas and the waves of the future trend will help you to ride because You can handle it, not just reverse-instant (for example, dollar-euro-rubles) cryptovaluta currency exchange, but in currency, so it’s essentially bitcoin’s wallet too (just bitcoin to bitcoin is expensive enough [0.003 BTC !], But if you first convert USD and convert dollars from a bitcoin account then bitcoin is already a fraction of the cost ($ 0.74 last time) because it is not possible to manually set the bitcoin transfer fee!)!
– But it does not only have an automated instant but self-contained manual built-in currency converter, where you can switch bitcoin or even manually specified rates, I’ve used it many times, I love it because it does not really work, but it’s very fast even though it’s manual Because you do not have the automatic currency / bitcoin changer with official rates and commissions). In 1-2 days I can manually convert anything to anything, so this is the fastest, most affordable, cheapest bingo USD / USD exchange option for these wallets (because you can manually rate the exchange rate!). =)
– In addition, it buys for $ 100,000 free of charge for all the money stored in this online wallet, even Bitcoin (which other bitcoin wallets do not even assume). So I understand why it’s so great! 🙂
+ You can even embed a embossed mastercard bankcard, in addition to free cash or cash withdrawals (which I will try and then write about it!) !!

+ You have a partner program too!

It is also one of the trusted internet wallets. 2017 From July Bitcoin also works as a wallet , with an instant transfer between Payzás and an instant exchange between a lot of currency! So you can even transfer your money from Bitcoin directly to any external bitcoin wallet (eg the physical Bitcoin ATM in Budapest ).
– You can even place your money on a regular bank account of $ 15, which is quite a lot of commissions, but you can go outside of bitcoin for $ 2 for a commission, it may be cheaper.
+ Now, Google appos has a 2 factor smartphone 2-level security access feature.
+ Payza also has a lot of fun blogging about Bitcoin and other decentralized money ! 😉

One of the reliable web wallets.
Most online investments can be made with it. Eg HYIPs are accepted by paypal, skrill, etc. Instead of most! There is a 2-level partner program! 1-1% on both levels from their transaction fees!

Perfect Money
Most reliable online wallet for online investments and Asia. German company. 1 level partner program that pays 1%.
Most trusted online wallet for online investments, FOREX stock exchange trades, crypt valued converters and games. Soon more info;)

Here, you get a real physical embossed VISA font for your online wallet, so it’s basically an instant online bank. Electronic wallet at the same time. Anno I and my friends have also bought a lot of money at home ATMs with such a card, so it’s a reliable company!

More reliable centralized Internet wallets:

Eg: PayToo, Paxum, EPassPorte, internetes pénztárcák Webmoney ,, Abaqoos, AliPay
(EgoPay has been discontinued!)


Internet money:


My new, detailed article:
What are decentralized Internet money, wallets,

Cryptovalutas, altcoins, + the benefits and future of cryptovalutas .

decentralizált internetes pénztárcák


Bitcoin is the first, pioneering decentralized money = cryptovaluta. Since 2009, it has been revolutionary new, decentralized Internet wallets, similar to the torrent (centered community network technology), cryptovalutas. This means that you do not have any central official server, company, building, organization that the government or anyone could seize, cancel, control, because it creates a centralized network in the internet community cloud (millions of computers) (just like a torrent, here’s just real money You get the “planting” called here “mining”). As long as the Internet is working, bitcoin will exist even if people are used, and more and more people are using it, and in 1 year the price of 1 bitcoin has now gone up to $ 780! It’s completely free and does not steal your money by 1-3% in the form of wire transfer and other commissions like PayPal, Skrill and other centralized wallets (if you use it yourself or with a cheap and good wallet, because there are lots of profits Centralized wallet). It also has many other benefits, for example. Much safer (due to cloud-based block chain technology). More resilient, ie not inflated arbitrarily (as the IMF does, for example, with the dollar and similar hidden secrets of truth between the money system ). It can not be taxed because decentralization allows for untimely financial operations as well. You do not need absolutely no documents, citizenship, identity certificate or bank account or age or anything like that. So, for example, Up to 53243 bitcoin wallets can be completely anonymous to you, you can even afford to pay for illegal malayalges, wars and shaman and drug addicts , of course you can do whatever you can with a bank card or paypal, since such a mammoth order is already being used by half human beings (eg Asia , South America, USA half NOW!) And Microsoft, Paypal integrates, biggest companies such as citybank and others invested billions of dollars in bitcoins, etc. But if you do not understand programming you will need a program / broker / service or hardware 1 click to create and you can easily use your Bitcoin wallet: This list of bitcoin online wallets is not nearly complete, including bitcoin wallets. One of the most widespread of is missed. Or eg. They do not say that one of the other multi-million-dollar bitcoin wallets with a cellular phone gives CoinBase free $ 10 for new members who buy at least bitcoins for $ 100. You can get out of any of these from your home site eg. From Budapest bitcoin ATM you can also make money in HUF. I also bought it out, it works just fine with its mobilapp wallet. In my new bitcoinos articles I will write about its exact operation if you subscribe to receive and get more information about decentralized internet wallets, decentralized money, trading with cryptovals, bitcoin and bitcoin cashing soon in newsletter !! Until then, here is a bitcoin exchange rate forecasting tip ! 😉

2.0-ás decentralizált internetes pénztárca pénztárcák

Other decentralized internet money other than Bitcoin = Altcoins:

Ethereum (ETH) and the like:
The benefits of decentralized internet money mean that I have taken my article from the very bottom of the page and that you have read it and you are aware of it, so from now on only the following:
I’ve written an article last year with the best cryptovaluta = 2.0 ETHEREUM investment titles, and if you bet my tip, you could have paid up to 40x profits in 4 months, unless you think you look at Ethereum’s trends and rates. But this trend can not be as far back as bitcoin, because I think after bitcoin, this Ethereum (ETH) is the most likely bitcoin to rival in the future , because it has 10x quick (10x more transactions per second ) And so-called “clever contracts” that many more and more mamut companies can automate customer-customer transactions in detail, 3. without intermediary, automated, merely using the decentralized network, this is called English
“Smart Contracts” , which is becoming more and more new decentralized cryptovaluta such as, for example, Blackcoin, EOS, Ripple (although ripple is not really decentralized!), So I call them already 2.0 and ethereum can still
“Decentralized applications = dApps = decentralized apps” , then the more recent cryptovalutas after the ethereal, even more advanced, can be said to be 3.0s, which have more innovations in addition to technologies that solve smart deals, dAppos and faster transactions and global size growth They contain basic, eg. Instant Transfer from Fundamentals a
“Ligthning network” / “InstantSend” technologies (such as DASH or the recently launched ATB coin ), but of course, decentralized block chain technologies like, for example, the
“SegWit” and “Segwit 2” are becoming more and more integrated into the older ones, for example. For Bitcoin approx. 2017 In September, SegWit will be ready in principle, or, for example, Litecoin has long been integrated with SegWit (= “Segregated Witness”, which allows for faster transactions, so that it can perform multiple transactions at the same time), while other cryptovals are more efficient than SegWit
They swear to “Dark Gravity Wave” Many new coins are similar to older Bitcoins
“Proof of Work” instead of “Proof-of-Work” uses more advanced and, in principle, much more efficient technology.
In addition, there are a lot of new updates like. the
“Master Node voting” (eg at DASH), etc.
So look at these concepts when you’re interested in investing in a cryptovalutas, because the more you use a cryptovaluta the more efficiently, the greater the chance that it will be used not only for speculation in the future, but also for real large-scale projects of real winnings such as. The “2.0” Ethereum, and the greater the chance that cryptovalutas will become bigger in the future, bigger than Ethereum or Bitcoin! Ethereum is already beginning to detect bitcoin, since it has 2.0 “smart contracts” The ” metropolis ” technology is being used by more and more decentralized services, which are based entirely on ethera, such as Gnosis , OPUS , Golem , Augur , SingularDTV , ,, DigixDAO, Aragon, Ubiq, OmiseGo , Status, Mysterium (MYST),,,,, etc.
I’m writing the other decentralized Internet money, cryptovaluta benefits in my other article, where I placed them in the order in which I think which cryptovalutas, altcoinba worth investing more than Bitcoin!



Internet cryptovaluta

Wallet list:


decentralizált internetes kriptovaluta pénztárcák
Also known as multivalute, multicoin, multiwallet online wallets, these are decentralized cryptovalutas , because there are as many “coins” as decentralized cryptovaluta (and hundreds of new ones come out), so that they create a separate wallet for each, much more It is more convenient and simpler to use decentralized cryptovaluta wallets that allow you to store more, or even many, cryptovaluta in one place at a time, so instead of offering a wallet for each of the cryptovalutas I would rather list online wallets that are at least bitcoint and out there Are able to store at least several other cryptovaluta, because the future is for multipurpose! More and more “multiwallet” are all cryptovaluta wallets, and the better ones are already able to store up to a dozen different cryptovalutas, so on the basis of this, I think the best cryptovaluta wallets are listed here, exactly how many cryptovaluta stores and how i think how reliable and useful , That is, how I use them for their various functions. There are also some wallets that I can afford to store a lot of altcoin, but they do not work well for some reason (I try them continuously) or some of them are temporarily paused or seem unreliable or missing important features or something, so I have this order for you I also recommend this:

Multi-Kriptovaluta List of Purses:

multicoin multiwallet multikriptovaluta mobil pénztárca több altcoinhoz kriptovalutához
androidos mobilappos kriptovaluta altcoin bitcoin pénztárca elektonikus mobil pénztarcák
It is only for Android phones that are currently in this mobile cryptovaluta wallet .
Capable of handling 78 cryptovalues:
You can see the 78 cryptosources without registering on their website, knowing what they know (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Zcash, PIVX), but it does not really matter much for the best ones so I use it too The other purse wallets (where I highlighted thick, which in my opinion is worth investing in money).
I used Coinomit for half a year without problems, it works offline too (looking at the balance of data from the year net), fast and mobile application with Bitcoin ATM in Budapest I can easily use it for half a year or so ( www.shapeshift .io -s) has a crypto valued currency changer (though it only works with 1-2 more known cryptovalutas, the other currency converters are perfect).
+ This wallet is part of anonymity, that is, it does not require personal scanning or the like, even name and other data, just a password and username. Of the most known cryptovalutas you know (though not all of them)
2.0-ás decentralizált internetes pénztárca pénztárcáklitecoin altcoin decentralizált internetes pénztárca pénztárcák
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum classic, Zcash, Dogecoin, Bitcoinplus, NameCoin, Blackcoin
The other less commonly known and many decentralized token / gametok between 64 coins 🙁
So, in addition, it is very useful for other multicore multiwallet multicriptural mobile wallets for more altcoin’s cryptovalutas (especially if you do not have an Android phone or something more secure):
altcoin kriptovaluta pénztárca több altcoinhoz multicoin multiwallet multi kriptovaluta tárca
több altcoin kriptovaluta tárolására alkalmas pénztárca

Built-in currency converter capable of handling 11 crypto valves:
Aragon, Augur , Bitcoin, Dash, Decred , DogeCoin, EOS , Ethereum, Gnosis, Golem , Litecoin
– There are 3 types of desktop versions: Windows, Linux, Mac (Apple Macintosh)
+ This wallet is also part of the anonymity party, that is, it does not require personal scanning or the like, even name and other data, just a password and an email:

+ FULL control: You can export your private keys, make backups of your wallet:
+ It’s expanding every month with more cryptovalutas, this is my second favorite wallet because of the above and because it is capable of selling altcoin;)
kriptovaluta tőzsde egyszerűen kezdőknek altcoin FOREX CFD kereskedés
Bitcoin kriptovalutával pénzkeresés profit 1 hét alatt 2017-ben
internet böngészős bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárca
Forex Trading Forex Exchange Traders can also serve as a sort of cryptovaluta cashier, even in addition to their frantic advantage, it is easy to trade with them as well, making it easy for beginners


However, since more specifically, from cryptovaluta stock exchanges, trading platforms, and even some of my own videos are expected (if you subscribe to my newsletter), so here I just embed this most favorite of my favorite company here because it is a trustworthy 1000% It has always paid for me (and I have several times) and it has 6 types of cryptovalutas that can handle the usual USD, EUR pairs: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Ripple, IOTA. And it came up because I did not even find Ripple or 3.0 IOTA store / investor in the above wallets, but if you can see that they are going to be crazy …;) My payment notes and More info about this company and its odd professional features in videos by clicking on the picture!

– 17 cryptovaluta wallet app: Android, Iphone
+ Eg: Ethereum, Gnosis, Augur, Aragon, 1StBlood , MYST, BAT, EOS, SNT, PAY , BNT
+ Built-in currency converter, stock exchange, rate signers, news, private key rescue, anonymity, etc .;)

altcoin kriptovaluta pénztárca több altcoinhoz multicoin multiwallet multi kriptovaluta tárca
kriptovaluta multipénztárca multitárca altcoinokhoz
There are many types of platforms that you can sync all over: Windows, Linux, Android smartphone, IOS, OS X, Chrome browser plugin
It can handle 14 cryptovalu:
– Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Augur, Litecoin, Zcash, Rsk Testnet, DogeCoin, ICN, Golem, Gnosis, DigixDAO , BCAP
+ This wallet is also part of anonymity, that is, it does not require personal scanning or the like, even name and other data, just a password and an email.
+ FULL control: You can export your private keys, make backups of your wallet.
több altcoin tárolására alkalmas pénztárca egyben több sok multicoin online pénztárca altcoinokhoz különböző kriptovalutákhoz
internet böngészős bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárcaandroid mobilapp pénztárca elektonikus kriptovaluta altcoin bitcoin mobil pénztarcák egyikeiphone mobilapp pénztárca elektonikus kriptovaluta altcoin bitcoin mobil pénztarcák egyike
This is also truly a 100% reliable cryptovaluta wallet for online browsers and Iphone + Android mobile app wallet versions too! One of the most well-known, most serious, which now also has several decentralized cryptovalutas, that is, Altcoin’s wallet, since recently Bitcoin already has Ethereum and Litecoint + USD / Euro too!
Very professional, I use it for a couple of months, it really does work properly even its function to do it

FREE $ 10
As a gift for everyone to buy the first cryptovaluta for at least $ 100, because you can directly transfer your electronic wallet directly from a bank transfer or an instant bank card, so you can buy instant, instant, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoint online.
+ Built-in live cryptovaluta exchange statistics for the list of ever-expanding cryptoregions here:
Bitcoin pénzzel pénzkeresés profit 1 hét alatt 2017-ben
+ There are several other useful functions, such as: Generating new titles, automatically replicating bitcoin payments automation, partner program, API access, own mobile pool combining, and the like.
+ 2 Factor Security Confirmation with SMS (which is better than the above android appos 2 level confirmation, since not just an Android phone exists)
2 lépcsős dupla faktorú biztonsággal rendelkező internetes multi kriptovaluta pénztárca
In addition, you can even add apps android appos google authenticator at the same time for 3rd-level affirmations for each transaction, and they’re pretty good enough for security and paypal-like ease-of-use (apart from having the so-called “private keys “[As well as most beginners using your browser or mobile cryptovaluta wallet], so it’s good for beginners to get paid if you want to paypal paypal or you’re used to, and you do not want millions to be totally unsecured anonymously, for example, with a hardware wallet and max safe linux offline Or Tor anonymous web browser …).
+ You can even place your cryptosales on your bank account in your bank account’s currency, although this wallet does not believe in anonymity but traceability and therefore asks for personal scanning or “account verification”.
multialtcoin multi wallet multi kriptovaluta pénztárca több kriptovalutához

internet böngészős bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárca
This is also truly a 100% reliable decentralized cryptovaluta wallet and online broadcasting reception interface where traditional bank transfer, credit card, skrill internetes pénztárca respectively. In many other ways, you can immediately upload your cryptovaluta accounts and instant app. You can also use the same (eg neteller) to convert your money into other currencies, for example. USD, EUR!
Also, there are several decentralized cryptovalutas, i.e. altcoins, in a purse:
In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH + USD / Euro can handle both currencies simultaneously!
Pretty professional, I tried it, and it has some useful functions, for example:
Ideal for beginners – Simplified online interface
– Login with Faceook.
– Mobile optimized
+ 2 Factor Security Confirmation android appos with 2-level Confirmation
2 lépcsős dupla faktorú biztonsággal rendelkező internetes multi kriptovaluta pénztárca
+ A unique, continuous 5% affiliate program has + $ 2.5 commission per min. After $ 25 First Deposit.
+ You have BitPanda for your bank account or even skrill internetes pénztárca Also , Skrilled can expose your cryptosales to your bank account’s currency at any time by instant cash transfer, even though this wallet does not believe in anonymity but in traceability and therefore asks for personal scanning or “account verification”.
több kriptovaluta altcoin tárolására alkalmas pénztárca
internetes böngészős online bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárcaandroid mobilappos pénztárca elektonikus kriptovaluta altcoin bitcoin mobil pénztarcák egyikeiphone mobilappos pénztárca elektonikus kriptovaluta altcoin bitcoin mobil pénztarcák egyike
11 wallets of the crypto rescue (+ $, euro, Rúbel, Hryvnia):
Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Litecoin, Monero , Peercoin, Primecoin, Reddcoin, Zcash
– 3 ways of securing 2 levels of security (eg SMS + Google App):
2 lépcsős dupla faktorú biztonsággal rendelkező internetes multi kriptovaluta pénztárca

+ There are all currency currencies of built-in instant currency converters
+ You can also set up unique autmata currency converters
+ You can also allocate your money from your $, Euro account to your bank account by:
+ Do not ask for ID verification (personal upload), just ask for a password and email address! So far, the 3 of the latter have the 3 biggest advantages, because I have not seen such a thing else elsewhere, especially 3.

+ Online, Android appos and Iphone wallets are also one
It is also an easy-to-use interface for beginners.
– You can not save your private key (the account key that went out at the beginning of the other!)
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internetes böngészős online bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárca
The wallet of Bitcoin and Litecoin is only available from cryptovalutas, and you can only save it online and your private keys, but there are some useful features like. Is that you can also refer to this bitcoin as your best banker (eg, more than one cryptovalut manager), such as CoinBase , as well as many other currencies, for example. $, Euros, and you can switch over to them (only less and less sense for them, since the dollar is already falling around the frog’s butt in 2017 and the euro will be sure to follow in deep flight as I predicted well ahead of time. ) But I was thinking of mentioning this too, as to how to expand the cryptovaluta palette this too.

Additional multiwallets:

– (Hardware wallet is also + Linux, Win, Mac, Chrome)
– (Hardware wallet is also + Android, Iphone, Chrome)
Then more information about them soon!
decentralizált Multicurrency cryptowallet kriptovaluta pénztárca több altcoinhoz multicoin multiwallet multi kriptovaluta
internetes böngészős online bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárcawindowsos program bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta pénztárca is egyben
There are more than 17 different decentralized cryptovaluta wallets, multicoin, multicurrency cryptowallet / multiwallet for a number of altcoins, although I do not know it so much and now it does not seem to be able to handle many cryptovalutas temporarily! You are asking for a name and a phone number, asking for an email to sign up. You can also use 2 factor security steps for logging in.
2 lépcsős dupla faktorú biztonsággal rendelkező internetes multi kriptovaluta pénztárca
+ Compatible hardware cryptovaluta wallet with Ledger type.
+ Instead of “proof of work”, “Proof of stake” is able to get “Stake”, that is, to “tie up” to produce profits in the amount of money making with this new mode of “cryptovaluta mining”
+ PartnerProgram is also available.
+ You also have an integrated ICO market, that is, Initial Coin Offering, you can buy one of these two parts for investment first.
+ Of course it has a built-in currency converter.
+ You can get free cash every 24 hours by looking at the ads on the cryptovaluta faucets, which is not much at the moment, but if later you go to the different price lists (as in the spring of 2017, a good deal of cryptovaluta has been multiplied by one hundred!) A lot can be done in contrast to PTC sites operating in the same way as $ and HUF.
több kriptovaluta tárolására alkalmas pénztárca egyben sok több altcoinhoz kriptovalutához kriptovalutákhoz
internetes böngészős bitcoin altcoin kriptovaluta  pénztárca
14 kinds of cryptovaluta purses in one, although I do not quite see the full functionality and approx. All the coins can be found in the wallet above and I do not see any custom / extra features, either currency conversion, 2-factor confirmation or multiplatform (browser only), maybe just enough to charge money by credit card or wire transfer, though in that case You can also fill in your unique wallet ID, so you can fill in a wallet you do not have, but if you are already uploading it, you’ll be able to buy another altcoin wallet that will give you free $ 10 as a bonus if you are buying cryptovalutas from public funds!

+ For Ethereum, I also recommend + wallets if you want to participate in ICOs (= Initial Coin Offering, ie, the first launch of cryptovaluta when share shares are distributed on the basis of tokens) Because you can only hold Ethereum tokens with a cryptovaluta wallet that treat Ethereum tokens separately with your own address as this 2! That is, if you want to invest in new cryptovals that are not listed on the stock exchanges before they are traded on the stock exchange, they are now traded with Ethereum tokens, you can buy them in the ethereal tokens through these 2 ethereal wallets, and on your tokens you will later get real units in the new From cryptovalutas, after it was created.

+ For Bitcoin I also recommend Electrum, + GreenAdress wallets for security and personalization.

Good News For Internet Wallets: ATM Bank Cards!

Soon, each of these online wallets will have a regular MasterCard bank card (eg Skrill or Payza already has this!), Which you can immediately and instantly get from millions of ATMs anywhere in the world anywhere in the world Buy your money or you can buy it offline or online with your money just like the Master Card or VISA.

The 3 largest online wallets:

Paypal credit card, paypal credit card, mastercard visa
At PayPal, the focus group is testing the new MasterCard type of credit card that you can pay directly from your PayPal account, or you can make money from ATM anywhere in the world. More detailed article here.
skrill elektronikus pénztárcához dombornyomott mastercard bankkártya, skrill hitelkártya
You can even apply for your regular bankcard for this online wallet (up to $ 10) on your admin interface .

+ Get $ 10 FREE OF CHARGE Free money for electronic wallets If your new Skrill account is up to you according to instructions from -> Free Money menu after registration .

Internet payment methods

You can also order MAY from PayPal on your admin interface, your VISA bank card, which is accepted wherever VISA is available (offline online, at ATMs).

PayPal , Skrill and Payza have long-standing, fully-fledged international online payment methods, powerful mammoth companies. Absolutely safe, they always work and pay , look at them quietly. I and millions of other people have also received their online payments through them.

Most Hungarian companies pay only when we are entrepreneurs and we can give you an invoice (except for here ), but foreign companies will always allocate the entire amount to your online wallet, they will not ask for an invoice, you do not have to have your business so The burden of taxing is on you. If you already refer more than 200,000 to 300,000 monthly on your regular bank account from these online wallets, then apech is more likely to see your tax return. How good is it for the state to be the richer or the more you check it out so you do not have to spend money on the quadruple metro and post-911 counter-terrorism etc. =))

If you do not have an internet wallet yet, open at least one because you will need it to make payments online.

Money Conversion Between Internet Purses, whether Immediately:

I’ve used it and my friend has already switched thousands of dollars over and over and every time it was reliable and really instant: - Instant Exchanger
However, this accounts for a 6% commission, but now I see that the above-mentioned AdvCash online wallet can instantly switch between a lot of electronic wallets, plus no commission deductions, and now I have tried it really does work and make instant cash changes, Bitcoin is so, since it does not take 6% off, I recommend this last one (if you already have your account and money on it, you can also upload many). - Automatic Bitcoin Instant Currency Converter

This bestchange is good because you are looking for a huge number of cryptovaluta conversion systems (eg all in all of this list) to find the desired currencies, cryptovagations, and the currency converters with the cheapest conversion rate you want for that money.
(From Payza I have successfully replaced INSTANT litecoin with $ 2.6 which I could not convert with anything else because of the low amount of money, else $ 10- $ 50 a minimum everywhere, but that’s a 20% commission in exchange for what I see .. :()
This also works, I used this one too.

Currency exchange. 15% referral commission.


Currency exchange. 30% referral commission.

Currency exchange. 35% referral commission.

Currency exchange. 30% referral commission.